Discussion: Conspirator In Cochran Photographing Case Pleads Guilty

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Man, other guy shouldn’t have shot himself.

Guess he forgot he was a well-off white guy in Mississippi.


But ofc, McLoser is still demanding he be appointed Senator isn’t he?

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You can’t discount the entire McDaniel Campaign over the actions of a few bad apples!

Mary: John?
John: Yes Mary.
Mary: John – Thad …
John: Cochran, Mary?
Mary: McDaniel …
John: Mary – no!
Mary: Oh, John -
John: Mary Mary Mary …
Mary: … oooohhhh … Joooooohhhhhnnn

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This had to be a script written on Mississippi Blvd in Brooklyn.

Yup, picture was taken after the IQ test. Results are automatically posted after 1 question.
Are you from Mississippi? duhtno tnkso man givme5georgewashintonstocome hare