Discussion: Conservatives Are Quietly Caving On Gay Marriage

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The best way to support marriage is to invest in the marriage you are in.

Trying to control any other person’s relationship is not going to do anything but assure that your own marriage is populated with at least one controlling busybody.

God is love. Love is a holy mystery. The more of it you give, the more you have.


Anderson and Whelan know gay marriage is not mandatory, right? They can still just live together.


Being upset that other people get to be married is a really being upset that other people get to be happy.

The GOP HATES it when other people are happy.


“In the short run, the legal battle over the definition of marriage may be an uphill struggle,” Anderson wrote. “But in the long run, those who defend marriage as the union of a man and woman will prove to be prophetic.”

His way of saying, “Just wait, you’ll be sorry!”

Yeah, we’re still waiting on all the other things the fright-wing has predicted, too. Good thing we’re not holding our collective breath…


A judge with “frighteningly Jacobin temperament” and “incredible hubris.”

Brought to you by George W. Bush and Rick Santorum.


Jan van Lohuizen, who warned Republicans two years ago this month that the tide of public opinion was shifting so quickly that the party should embrace and reframe gay marriage as a conservative cause because “freedom means freedom for everyone.”

Another opportunity lost to their rabid hatred of anything sensible.


The social and political equivalent to Marshall Applewhite’s warnings about Hale–Bopp in my view.


The bigots in th GOTP never listened to Ferris Bueller who famously said: “You’re still here? It’s over. Go home!”


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“…in the long run, those who defend marriage as the union of a man and woman will prove to be prophetic…”

He means pathetic.

America is for everyone.


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Just you wait! Hurricanes and locusts and public card playing! Chaos and social disintegration! Dogs and cats living together! Then you’ll all be sorry you ignored our dire warnings, oh yes!


“freedom means freedom for everyone.”

not according to the tea party and the Christian fundies it doesn’t. freedom is only for those people exactly like them, fuck everyone else.

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And I’m ready to be convinced … what is it about denying governmentally sanctioned rights to one section of the tax-paying citizenry that’s “reasonable?”

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Oh no’s! Gay people are being treated like people! We have to stop that…or throw another tantrum!


I know they have to try and keep up the morale of their moron base, but these guys have to know it’s a lost cause. I wonder when the donations run out?

What prophecies (or predictions, if you prefer) do you suppose he means?
The only one I can think of is: "If we have gay marriage, then gay people will be able to get married–to each other!

But that seems a little simplistic, even for them.

I think he’s trying to bolster his creds on the Second Coming. Apparently, he’s got The Grand Plan, and his role is to stand beside St. Peter and say, “I told you so.”

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