Discussion: Connecticut Girl Asked Biden To Prom And He Sent Her A Corsage

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I know some girls go for older guys, but damn.

This reminds me of something Dick Cheney wouldn’t do.


I know some girls go for older guys, but damn

Yep. And Republicans brooding now over whether they can get away with/ would be advantaged or not, calling Joe a stalking pedophile over this.

Now if predatory sex-maniac Hillary had only sent a corsage to some underaged male it would be some much easier! Could be alleged to be a result of her “brain damage.”

Today’s Yiddish Lesson: Mensch. :slight_smile:

Biden is very interested in young girls.

Poor libs. A bozo, a drinker and a oaf. And once Hillary bows out becuase of her many scandals, he’s all you got. With Sanders running on third party, I like the Republicans for easy victory in 2016.

A republican: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/12/ryan-loskarn-investigated-101016.html

A republican: http://dailycaller.com/2012/05/24/sc-congressional-candidate-arrested-for-drunk-driving-with-co-ed-in-the-car/

A republican: http://www.thefix.com/content/republican-congressman-arrested-dui

That’s just a quick summary of some of the more recent scandals. It would probably crash the server to list every republican busted for drinking, drug use or underage partners (boys and girls).

Oh, and all of those are most definitely illegal. What Biden does was classy and something to be proud of, not at a scandal to try and hide away from the police, silly fool.

Biden is a teetotaler dummy.

what color is the sky in your world?

She know his hair plugs are as old as she is?

So is Jill cool with this?

So sorry, ye acerbic twits. Sending a young girl a corsage under the circumstances was a classy thing to do. If you don’t think so, then “classy” doesn’t describe you, obviously.