Discussion: Congressman Injured In Baseball Shooting: 'We Were Sitting Ducks'

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The people who are killed and wounded in mass shootings in schools, churches, theaters, malls, workplaces, and the streets are sitting ducks, too. That’s something to think about as the congressman recovers, which I hope he does quickly.


He added that the tone of general political rhetoric “could be turned down a little bit.”

Remember him saying that when Trump bragged about shooting someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue?

Yeah, me neither.


The parishioners in Charleston, the children in Sandy Hook and the Pulse Night Club patrons were all sitting ducks too. Different motivations for each terrorist attack – but each were facilitated by unfettered access to semi-automatic guns.

We have too many victims of gun violence in this country – and they are victims primarily because the GOP is owned by the NRA.


Oh just be glad that @ least YOU have and will continue to have some of best health insurance available.


They are all lucky the shooter had bad aim, because for sitting ducks, they got off OK. Personally, I’m struggling with what I thought was my humanist core and my lack of compassion for the tools of the NRA that makeup the Republicans.


Wow that’s amazing congressman imagine feeling like a sitting duck. That’s how I feel often. Like when I’m driving home with my children and I think…OK if someone comes out of nowhere shooting a gun how do I react.? Do I drive through a red light…do smash into a car in front of me and force them out of the way…what if the person I smash into suit me for damages…(Which they could do I’m sure) and I lose my home because they suit me for that much… Or when I’m sitting in my living room at night and watch a car drive down the road and think OK what if a bullet comes flying through the window. Should I jump on my children…should I make them sit on the floor low to the ground…And this is in a nice neighborhood. So I hope you get what I’m saying congressman. You get 24/7 protection…we get sort of police driving by now and then. So you see we are sitting ducks all day long all night long 7 days / 365 days. So sorry for your upset and worry about being a “Sitting Duck” Lets see your voting record on gun control. Oh Your from Texas and republican??? Never mind I already know how you voted for perpetuating insanity


Ahhh let me think…Oh yeah F U Republican congressman from Texas who takes money from the terrorist organization known as the NRA!


NRA doesn’t pay them to think.


So, how do you think those elementary school children felt, Congressman? Conservatives?

Can you draw up any weepy tears for the late-late-late term abortions of the lives of so many promising kids? Or has McConnell passed a law that we can only feel abhorance when a privileged politician has a brush with daily reality?

Remember, Republicans. Your Party believes in aggression and in killing hardware. This is YOUR creation, and nothing like what the Russians will do to you when they take over.

Wake the hell up. Get with Democrats, work out a plan and fund it, goddammit. No tears for you. Do… your… jobs.

Compromise. It’s your only hope.


"We were sitting ducks."

I think you might have been in another position when you took…how much was it again?..from the NRA.


“We were sitting ducks,” Williams said.

“I felt like many of my constituents,” he added.

Roger Williams, House
Contributions from NRA: $6,500


But how can this be, Roger? You’re republicans, surrounded by heavily armed security…unless [GASP] more guns really DONT mean less crime?


"I don’t want anyone messing with my 2nd Amendment rights:"

  • Rep. Roger Williams on the subject of absolute gun ownership.

Hodgkinson felt the same way.


No word yet on his views regarding the responsibility of gun ownership.


You know, the one thing I always hear from Gun Kooks are their ‘rights.’ They will go on and on and on about them for HOURS if you let them. But they rarely say boo about their responsibilities. Oh, they’ll say some stuff about gun safety but when you get right down it, most of these guys are not only incredibly careless but they’re shitty shots besides. Here.


“Sitting ducks” are the 23 million ppl on the verge of losing health care due to republican greed and lack of empathy. Nobody deserves to be shot, injured, or killed, but I hope this serves as a wake up call for R’s to see that hateful acts result in injury, regardless of economic status, gender, color, etc, followed by some self introspection.

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Thinking by itself won’t help!

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The opposite end of the spectrum of course is to get all dewy-eyed and do nothing.

The guy had too many guns and too much ammunition. I am sure he had all that legally. Shouldn’t have!

An act of gun violence is going to move the health-care debate??

I don’t see it!