Discussion: Congressman: Hillary Agreed To Testify Before Benghazi Committee

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They’re still yammering about Benghazi!11!?

She’ll eat 'em alive.

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You don’t run from these jokers. You go STRAIGHT at 'em.

“And I oughta know. I won both of 'em.”

Just like that.


Hillary is smart and has a good heart. Perhaps the ongoing Benghazi Committee hasn’t read their own report yet and she is going to read it to them as their copy was most probably just mislaid.


You can’t possibly use reason or logic with republicans, they’ll miss it every time and go for
her jugular just like vampires.


< more descriptive body >

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What a sham! The GOP has absolutely no interest in finding out what happened in Benghaaazzzzzi. Their only aim is to smear Secretary Clinton, to which I say: Please, proceed. She ate their lunch the last time she testified.

She was willing to testify in December or January. Anybody notice that Howdy Gowdy did not take her up on it? Makes you wonder if they realize this will not end well for them.


$10 says she gets a Vince Foster question.