Discussion: Congress Growing Impatient On Inquiry In VA Deaths

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Expanded veterans benefits bill fails over GOP’s budget-busting objections

Arizona vets should be relieved the state of Arizona does not have control of their V.A facilities. Brewer would’ve already sold the buildings, leased them back,then cut funding after failing to privatize Arizona’s veterans care.

The Get Oh Party loves to scream and jump up and down over messes they actually create. This is one of them, two wars with 2.3 million Veterans and a budget that is not large enough to deal with the new load.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said the Obama administration…

Time for my daily : ‘F+ck you Senator McCain’ comment/therapy.

Surprisingly satisfying.


Jake Tapper’s interview with Denis McDonough is with listening to.

Government run healthcare at its finest.

This story should never be printed or talked about without including the fact that Gen. Shinseki as Army Chief of Staff warned Rumsfeld that he would need two to three hundred thousand troops to maintain order in Iraq once the invasion was over and we simply did not have that many available without seriously stressing the military. Rumsfeld fired him and found a yes man to take his place. Now those mentally, physically and spiritually wounded men and women are returning from four and five tours and overloading the already underfunded and neglected VA healthcare system. It is so sadly ironic that Gen. Shinseki is being blamed for this mess at the chronically underfunded VA by the likes of McCain who finds another war to support on a daily basis . Shinseki opposed the Iraq war but is now in charge of not only putting all of wounded back together again but modernizing and streamlining the process at the same time. I get healthcare from the VA because of Viet Nam service as do millions from the rotten war of our generation and it is indeed the best that anyone could reasonably ask for in spite of how overtaxed the doctors and care providers. If congress is outraged then they need to raise taxes to adequately fund the system so more healthcare providers can be hired. Also the question needs to be asked of Republican legislators who opposed the ACA because everyone in the country supposedly has access to the Emergency Rooms why the dead vets were not admitted along that avenue. Blaming Gen. Shinseki for this problem when he opposed the damn war that is causing so much of the stress is not the solution. Stopping the next war before it starts is.


Thanks for that link. Political gamesmanship by the Republicans killed adequate funding for the VA again even as they last week voted to extend $310 Billion in tax cuts for corporations without any offsets. When will Senator Sanders get a chance to speak to the national media as this story continues to be told in half truths?