Discussion: Congress Clears Measure To Scrap Obama Rule About Dumping Coal Mining Debris

Clean water and air; clearly a bad thing for America. Rolling back of gun laws? Double plus good!


If it is OK for coal companies to dump their waste in the waterways so it flows down to their neighbors, then it should be OK for me to burn poison ivy next to these Congress members houses while they hold an outdoor fundraiser.

I mean, it’s not like I actually went on their property, and I can’t control what the wind does with the toxic smoke.


Ah…come on …

I hear there’s nothing like a " yellow river " —

It could be worse. That corporate whore Hillary Clinton could be President. What a nightmare that would be!

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Rethugliklans: Is there any better way to show we care than unmitigated environmental desecration and toxic drinking water? It’s mourning in America™.

But it’s not nearly as spectacular as a river in flames.

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