Discussion: Computer Scientists Pushing Clinton To Ask For Recount In 3 States

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It feels as though we are grasping at straws here; I’m all for fighting, but I smell 2000 all over again. It would be interesting if any cases when to the Supreme Court for a 4-4 tie, but I would fully expect Anthony “Weathervane” Kennedy to buckle. I’m afraid we have to face the prospect of Mango Mussolini being inaugurated in January. The real question we need to ask is how long will he stick with a really hard job? President Pence??? The mind boggles.


And once they do that review, then what? That will magically put her in the Presidency? Cause a constitutional crisis, rendering government unable to function because it would truly be illegitimate? Is this an ‘I told you so’ moment?

Help me understand what this does for us in the long run.


This is sad. I’d rather live in false hope of electors voting by conscience / for the good of the country, and that’s not happening, either.


Agreed. President Pray the Gay Away is just as bad, if not worse, than a President Rapist. They are both irreversibly bad for humankind.


And, looking at the 25th amendment for presidential succession, after DT and Pence would be Ryan, or someone worse, as Speaker. So there is no safe way out of this.

Not sure, with the current cabinet picks, that the Designated Survivor option would even be workable.


Nukes. Reflexive authoritarian tendencies. Off-the-charts vindictiveness. The potential to start wars out of pique. I’ll take Pence in an instant. And I don’t like him any more than anyone else. But I don’t think he’s crazy. It’s not good to have a President who’s literally crazy.

But I’m sorry to say this evidence on its face doesn’t seem strong at all. The pattern doesn’t hold up even in the one location and is contradicted in other places and there’s no evidence of actual hacking. The election was manipulated, yes, in ways we know about. Probably need another scenario for an escape hatch. And prepare to fight this long-term, because that’s what’s realistic. Sorry again.


The GOP would do it in a heartbeat, based on much less evidence than this.

i.e. North Carolina


Wrong. Absolutely wrong.

The issue is NOT that Clinton can win the WH; hell, even if the final tally is 260 votes in favor of Rump, she still lost.

The issue is finding out the stability of the voting mechanisms right now before the midterms. If Dems have any hopes of gaining power on State and local levels, we need to find out how permeable the voting technology is. Hell, all the GOTV won’t matter a damn if we’re fighting an uphill battle.


well…there ARE other sides to this argument then just nate silver…why not use the voices of the people who have been investigating/monitoring elections for the last 20 years?
the evidence that elections are “stolen”…through a combination of methods is overwhelming…and convincing to open minds.
i understand why the status quo…keeps any mention of it out of the public debate…but.i encourage everyone to research for themselves before dismissing it out of hand.
dont expect any help from the politicians or the powers in media…etc…and THAT alone should light a fire under you since…IF…elections are being stolen…then NOTHING ELSE matters!


Even this did not change anything it further d-legitimatize Trump’s presidency and -make it harder for him to claim he is has a mandate. Republicans do stuff like this all the time just for effect.


maybe it’s because I’m in the bargaining phase of my 5 stages of grief, the way I suppose I’m rationalizing it to myself is that at least Rapist’s irrationality, and the fact that he has spewed liberal things in his past, may put a stop to gutting things like gutting Obamacare or protecting LGBTQ rights. Whereas, under a President Conversion Therapy, there will be no such hope. It’ll be a true, dark, draconian future for any non-white, non-Christian individual in this country.

However, as @becca656 stated, and I’m paraphrasing, we’re in a world of turds. At least until 2018.


I bet Alex Jones is all over this.

The Guardian reports today that Trump plans on eliminating NASA’s climate research division in it’s entirety because it’s “politicized science”.


I remember back in 2004, there were rumblings on some Left blogs that the voting machines in OH were tampered with and that Kerry should demand a recount. For the most part, this was dismissed as pure CT. And, if Russia/WikiLeaks not had a clear intention to sway the election, I’d probably be on board with that.

Not now. Dems are gonna find themselves in a permanent minority, even at the lowest levels of gov’t., if we roll over on this.

To repeat what I said before, I don’t expect Clinton to win. That’s not my goal in this. It’s to ensure that going forward Dems understand what we’re up against and be able to fight with realistic options.


My own experience in central PA tells me that Nate Cohn is probably right here, I vote on a pretty liberal college campus and turnout was not as high as either Obama election. Meanwhile, in the surrounding rural areas I heard reports of much larger than normal turnout.

It seems that trump really did get non-voters to come out and vote.


Oh, I hear ya. I’ve often thought life presents so many dangers that we basically choose our fears to suit ourselves. And Trump has no real convictions. He caved on everything just to please the NYT folks yesterday. If the American people don’t want him to take away their health insurance just because he promised to a million times, he won’t. Like the current President said, he’s not ideological. Pence is ideological. But he’s also kind of passive, it seems. At any rate there are no great options for us right now and the only way out is through.


smh. Every Trump voter with young children or grand children, pretty much ensured their offspring will die horrible deaths.


It seems that trump really did get non-voters to come out and vote.

Not really. Rump had NO ground game. Rump had racism.

Almost half the country didn’t vote. Which means Dems didn’t get our voters to come out in addition to being able to persuade the others.


Don’t let your optimism cloud your judgement!