Discussion: Commission Denies Trump's Claims That Debate Schedule Was 'Rigged'

According to sources, Coir Coif is going to have to skip the debates because he’s already committed himself to go jogging with Chris Christie.

h/t Crimea River

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“Is Donald Trump complaining that the framers of the constitution put the election in the NFL season?” he asked during a campaign stop at a dairy barn in Ohio."

And this highlights my biggest problem with Kaine-never does he drop the mic afterwards.

Someone ought to do a compilation of the most bizarre faces that douchebag has made in thumbnail form. I’ve seen so many clueless expressions, looks of extreme rage and wacky contortions he’s made in photos now, that there has to be a good way to refer to him based on whatever face he lets loose with…sort of like a Donald Dump mood ring.

I’ve seen arguments that they should change the dates, “since it’s not really a big deal.”

Of course then the issue would be:

  1. Location
  2. Moderator
  3. Format
  4. etc.

We’d end up with a debate on a Tuesday, held at Trump towers, moderated by Bill O’Reily, with questions from Fox News viewers.

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“I’m going to be there, that’s all I have to say.”

Perfect. Advantage HRC.

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Meh…who watches TV without a remote in their hand? If the NFL brings folks into their loving rooms to watch those folks are only a clock away from the debates. Time outs, half times, injuries…etc.click to the debates.

Of people want to watch the debates they will. During an NFL Game, on a Saturday night or on Nude Ms. America night. If they want to watch the debates they will. And if they do they’ll see Trump’s performance. And as far as Trump’s concerned that cannot be.

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Exactly. There’s also this new fangled invention called a DVR.

What a whiner.