Discussion: Colorado GOP Guv. Candidate Had His Own 47 Percent Comment In 2010

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So Smilin’ Bob isn’t concerned about the GOOPers who rely on government aid? He should get 47 percent of the vote, like the Bishop did two years ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s AILS not ells. If this loop is lucky he’ll get 47%… again, I expect to see this all over ads. We have to make them own every stupid thing they say. Because the baggernuts will try to do it to the Dems, like the have since the 80s.

May he flip those digits.

Funny thing about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which allows folks who don’t make enough to pay little or no taxes – it was a Republican idea also embraced by the Dems to avoid passing an increase in the minimum wage.


I suspect they’re just jealous. After all the money they spend on lobbyists and buying races, they still have to pay nearly 10% in taxes!?!?!

How do the poors do it!?!?

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Yeah, and the Bush tax cuts pushed many of those who still owed a bit in taxes, even after the EITC, off the tax rolls. The 47% were created almost entirely by the GOP.

Mr Beauprez in order to get the 47% to pay you would have to RAISE TAXES. That’s right, raise taxes. Do you support raising taxes, sir?

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Elect ME! I hate poor people more than the other guy!
In fact I hate ALL the “right” people more than the other guy!

[quote] “I don’t see why it would be controversial to want more people to prosper,” Olson said to the Colorado newspaper. “We should be focused on building up our economy so more people have jobs and prosper. It is a sad state of affairs when people are in an economic situation where they are not able to pay federal income tax.” [/quote] Right - so you’re FOR raising the minimum wage and actually paying a working person enough to live on AND have some left over to help pay some YOUR taxes too?

Why are you including children under 15 and non-working seniors over 70 in that 47%?? Isn’t that “Lying”??