Discussion: Colorado County School Board Drops AP US History Review After Protests

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A ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day…


Purity above all else.

Orwell smirks.



GOP/Teatroll Commandment 11: Thou shalt not introspect.


Good. And it seems, to me, the students learned an important lesson as well.: civil disobedience works.


Wow. Good news for once.

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the controversial new AP U.S. History course framework

A minor quibble, but the AP Course itself is not controversial, it’s the School Board that is the cause of the controversy.


They might as well repeal the plumbing code too, since the educational equivalent of leaving a morning dump is all it takes to be an expert on the subject any more.


Hopefully the bill in Oklahoma will die a quick death as well. And I find it very amusing that:

The committee was tasked with ensuring that the AP U.S. History course materials “present positive aspects of the United States and its heritage” and do not “encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law.”

Considering that it’s a U.S. History class. Just going to skip over 1767-1787 , I suppose.


I’m so old I can remember when conservatives would snicker about how liberals were demanding orthodoxy from all Democrats and purging those who were not sufficiently to the left. While that wasn’t true then to any meaningful degree (there wasn’t, nor ever has been any Republican equivalent of Democratic Blue Dogs), I’m constantly amused by the right’s own descent into teh Purity Wars.


Yet they (the republi-Cons) claim this is still the case, and worse than ever.


Not to mention that minor dispute in the 1860s…


…“encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law.” Those things happen everyday whether a textbook happens to weigh in on it.

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I think this backtracking on AP History reflects 3 weighty intrusions by reality:

  1. the way the course changes have been described to right-wingers by their opinion leaders is far from accurate, and that quickly becomes apparent when looking into the matter

  2. the Team America cheerleading that the right-wingers think they want in the course turns into an out-of-place and embarrassing stance to take when they start talking to people who understand History education

  3. they learn that they are only hurting the children in their schools by pursuing the matter, because universities and the rest of the world outside the bubble aren’t budging at all


Republicans being confused about something does not automatically make it controversial. There is nothing whatsoever controversial about the AP history course framework. Painting it as controversial obscures the willful ignorance of the willfully ignorant.


Yes, standing up for what is right is never wrong.

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And in the process, the affected students learned a lesson far larger and more important than anything the Jefferson County School Board was objecting to: they learned that, in America, when a large enough group protests against government overreach loudly enough and long enough, it often works to reign in those who try to push a restrictive, biased agenda…

Came here to note the same thing.

There is nothing controversial about the AP course framework.
The only controversy is that rightwing nut-jobs are getting traction in their attempts to whitewash it. Sure, they want to call the course framework controversial (to spur their cause) but that doesn’t mean it’s actually controversial.

Charles Manson has appealed his prison sentence. Nobody would call Charles Manson’s prison sentence ‘controversial’ except Charles Manson… and now maybe the writer of this article I guess.

Must be the reason USA students on a global level are the dumbest on the planet.

“…present positive aspects of the United States…”

Like the murder rate.