Discussion: Colleges Grapple With Balancing Free Speech, Campus Safety

“Especially as a person of another race — I don’t want to get stoned,” she said.

The opportunities for getting stoned is exactly why I went to college.


New GOP idea:

Every class will have one gun. Whoever has it, gets the right to speak freely and becomes the good guy with the gun.
Details can be worked out later.

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I truly feel for this generation. This will not be an easy road for them to travel. I grew up in the Civil Rights/Viet Nam war era. It was tumultuous to say the least. Being a black person I had to constantly be aware of time spent especially in the South. My decision to attend an HBCU in GA was the right decision for me. I wasn’t unfamiliar with the South, my father’s family was from there. My grandmother was a hop skip and a jump from where I went to school.

For students now, the concept of freedom of speech is coupled with the increasing violence from a far-right that does not have any regard for life or liberty. I sometimes grapple with the issue of how far can we allow speech to go. But I ask myself this question, “If I don’t want my speech taken from me, do I have the right to take some else’s speech from them?” I don’t have to like it, but do I have the right to take it away? Who becomes the arbiter of how the speech is defined? This is a fine line to traverse.

As long as we don’t sit idly by and let their speech go unanswered, I say, let them go at it. The more heinous and ridiculous they sound, the better I say. It just makes it all the more real what we don’t want this country to become. Why let it fester underneath the skin like a boil? Let it rise to top and let’s lance it.


Our children are at risk. They have been since the first terrorist mowed down elementary school kids years ago. And the Republican Congress did nothing.

Thanks to Republicans, it’s now a common concern.

They’ve brought in Russian intelligence agents, aggressive armed Nazis, and want us to believe Donald Trump is going to make is safe with a wall in Texas?

Conservatives. Seriously. At least have the balls to defend this nonsense.


Right on, Brother/Sister, Right On!

Don’t be afraid, everybody speak their mind, the truth will out.

Of interest might be a documentary “Can’t We Take a Joke” that explores free speech, with college campuses at issue. It’s sometimes uncomfortable, but makes you think and wrestle with your own notions on the subject.

Everybody must get stoned. :wink:

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Having grown up in the aftermath of WWII, I often wished that I had been born earlier so that I could have participated in the great events of the 1930s and 40s. Of course, I thought that way largely because I knew how it all worked out. Now we are in another time of challenge and danger. Will we rise to the challenge? That is no more certain than it was in 1933, 1936 or 1940. But it is possible.

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I don’t quite get this article. From most of the reports I’ve seen, and comments from bill Maher etc, the violence on campus tends to come from the left against people espousing right wing views, not so much the other way around…

This wasn’t on campus.