Discussion: College Bribery Scandal Quickly Moves From Indictments To Guilty Pleas

Hmmmm. Rich folks cheating to “win” because their pampered darlings are not up to snuff.

Wonder how many are Goopers?


By any means necessary, when white priviledge is not enough.


A fking SAILING coach? No wonder tuition is as high as it is.


All this seems expected, somehow. Like of course this has been happening. I’d not be surprised to learn that this has been Standard Operating Proceedure since the dawn of time.


Let’s see Trump’s SATs to see how he got into Penn and while we’re at it how about military deferments for the likes of Cadet Bone Spurs and 5 time Deferment Dick Cheney.


What happens when they get into that school, are advertised as a star athlete and know nothing about that sport?
You’d like to see these people in real trouble, but they’ll just buy their way out. Fine example for their kids.


intends to cooperate fully with prosecutors and is “remorseful and contrite and wants to move on with his life.”

Chuckled when I read that. His life is going to ‘move on’ but not the way he planned it out, living large in Newport Beach, playing the pay-to-play hustle during the day and walking the endless beaches at sunset in Southern California. Idiot.


Georgetown, Yale, Stanford, etc.? Those I get, but Wake Forest. It’s not THAT competitive. It’s not worth the effort/risk. Go big or go home.


The coaching scam wasn’t for slots on the team, it was that the coach expresses “interest” in “recruiting” the student to the admissions staff - and as an atheltic recruit the admissions requirements loosen a little bit. A little lower test score and/or gpa will get consideration, which would be considered if the student were in the normal applicant pool. Once the kid is admitted, oops they didn’t make the team (and never showed up or were expected to for anything related to the team.)


right. just an itty bitty bad choice, than went on for 8 years (til last month), that only now do I see was wrong, and I look forward to moving on.

So sympathetic and convincing. Not.


Everyday we learn that more and more of the Trump world is:

  1. Trumps secretly paying other people to do things those other people should not do.
  2. Trumps secretly paying other people so that Trumps can do things the Trumps should not do.
  3. Trumps secretly getting paid so that those other people can do things other people should not do.

Here are questions that I think aren’t being asked:

  1. What is now the real value of a degree from Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, Wake Forest, the University of Texas, the University of Southern California and the University of California at Los Angeles, if the wealthy can simply bribe their children’s way in (assuming those children eventually are conferred degrees) beyond the college or university’s “branding” (as an easily identified and accepted badge of club membership)? Which leads to my second question:

  2. How is the cost of a degree from any these institutions now justified?

  3. Can we all agree that all of the mass-marketed lists of “best” colleges and universities are also giant scams unsubstantiated by any useful metrics?

We’ve known all along that the privileged use their privilege in ways that the rest of us (used to) find abhorrent. But ever since the deliberate, State Television-sponsored propaganda show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous went on the air, we’ve pushed that abhorrence beneath the surface so that, in the one-in-a-trillion chance we ourselves strike it rich, we too can act accordingly. And remember, kids: George W. Bush has degrees from Yale and Harvard, Donald Trump has a degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Don the Lesser has a degree from the Wharton School, Eric Trump (the dumb one) has a degree from Georgetown, and Ivanka Trump (the clueless) has degrees from both Wharton and Georgetown, schools that are financially out of reach for the vast majority of Americans…


I’m always amazed how these people/hustlers can’t let go. You know, bury half a mill in ten different legitimate investments, get out, go back to playing it straight. I mean, he had the perfect life. What I wouldn’t give …

Same with USC -" University of Spoiled Children" if I recall from the time I lived there. (it was usually given by UCLA grads… :wink:) Wouldn’t that $500K towards a library have the same effect?


In my day, in New England at least, sending your wastrel son off to an expensive second-tier boarding school was how you got him into a middling Ivy. It worked great, and there was absolutely nothing secretive about it.


"his client intends to cooperate fully with prosecutors and is “remorseful and contrite and wants to move on with his life.”

There is a disturbance rippling through the country clubs of America. Golf jackets are being zipped up as a chill arises on the courses.


That’s so old school. In that model some of that money would trickle down to workers to build the library. The money now has to stick in the pockets - and not be spread around.


It seems from what I have heard so far is that the big innovation here was turning individual bribes into an automated factory line production. So-called “legacy” admissions and kids given special status for wealthy parents who make “contributions” to the school is certainly nothing new.

FOX right now is culling through the reports to find every one of the people charged who has ever donated to a Democratic cause. In the meantime, the truly elite (people who endow universities with a library in their name) will continue to use the big name schools at will to polish their turds and turn out Yale and Harvard graduated idiots like George W. Bush.