Discussion: College Board To Release New Edition Of Controversial AP History Course

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The RNC wants slavery to be called the Unpaid Internship Period.


Clearly the College Board is made up of some really uneducated assholes if they feel a need to even consider responding to Lynne Cheney and her tirades by revising coursework to appease the radical right in this country. They are a bunch of spineless fuckers.


So now the College Board is a tea party victim. For champions of liberty, these teahadists have silenced or handicapped a lot of innocent organizations.


Thus ensuring that Iranian Foreign Ministers will always know more about America than Americans.


Funny thing is these RWNJ’s mostly don’t send their kids to public schools so WTF is their problem?


Could someone kindly tell the young lady in the picture to proofread her signs before she makes an ass of herself? Then I won’t have to “cencor” her right to learn.


What the College Board doesn’t seem to understand is that it doesn’t matter what they do. Lynne Cheney / Fox News / Rush Limbaugh / Drudge will bash them no matter what, because they are called the “College Board” and are easy to tag as evil liberal elitists of academia.


I think that was intentionul.


Chalk up another loss for critical thought. Sigh


Lynne Cheney wants history to be rewritten so that future generations won’t know that her father is a war criminal and was part of the most destructive administrations that ever headed this country.



It’s made up of some truly ignorant assholes if they believe it is even possible to appease the radical right in this country once they’ve decided to be outraged about a thing they know nothing about.

They are about to learn that it is impossible to satisfy the right with anything less than absolute capitulation. In this case, I doubt that even completely undoing the revision and going back to the old standard would be enough because they would deny that such a thing had actually happened.

Writing in standards requiring students to be taught that Jesus wrote the Constitution on stone tablets with a fiery finger, that most slaves were better off than most whites and most masters were kind and beneficent, that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery (not that there was anything wrong with slavery), that Native Americans welcomed Europeans as liberators, that the Trail of Tears was actually the Trail of Happy Joyful Thanks to White America for Making Their Lives Better, and that America’s military has never done anything even the slightest bit questionable in a single war it’s ever fought, wouldn’t be enough for them.


Well, that shouldn’t get in the way of her eduction

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Lynne Cheney is the dick’s wife. She competes with her husband for the lowest level of human scum there is.


arrrgh. Of course. Liz Cheney is the daughter. Hard to separate one from the other.

Lynne also got her claws into PBS while he was the VP, didn’t she?


Are the Republicans upset cause they think ‘Jewish Physics’ is in the new standards?

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Will the students taking the revised AP coursework get an asterisk next to their test results to identify participation during the “Period of Acquiescence”?


“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.”


The revised instructions to the AP History course, issued in October, 2013, made it clear to teachers that they can choose what to include in the course and can ‘focus in depth on such essential content such as the Founding Documents, WWII, key leaders in the civil rights movement.’

What it means is that red state school districts will be free to teach nothing but Mike Lee’s “Our Lost Constitution”, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and “Atlas Shrugged”.

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While we’re at it…how many know that the Koch’s are on the board of the Smithsonian and have given it $15 million in exchange for getting an entire wing of the Natural History Museum devoted to a bullshit exhibit entitled the David H. Koch Hall of Natural Origins which whitewashes global warming?


This is the future of educating our youth…funded by Fossil Fuel Billionaires and Greenwashing Plutocrats. Ignorance now is an important commodity helpful to the extreme right in twisting not only history but science itself. And sadly, the propaganda value is exportable.