Discussion: Colbert On Ore. Shooting: We Change Nothing And Pretend It Won't Happen Again (VIDEO)

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Every time one of these massacres happen, the locals always say “I can’t believe it happened here.” Time for people to realize these massacres can, and do, happen everywhere. Time to pull heads out of the sand.


I guess one reason for that disbelief is people like the esteemed Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin who couldn’t entirely believe Sandy Hook happened even after it fucking well happened. Maybe after he looked at the scene in his own county he can tell us, straight up or down, whether the bodies are really dead and the parents really parents or just actors.


The Oregon press is finally on that story


I’ll say one thing—not that this is a unique sentiment but I am getting sicker and tireder of the gun nuts who pop up here and everywhere saying blah blah no proposed law would have stopped this one blah blah and we just need to improve mental health services, or “reconnect,” for God’s sake, or clap for Tinkerbell or whatever. Just leave the poor widdle guns alone they never did anything wrong. This in the face of huge amounts of evidence within this country and around the world that GUN CONTROL WORKS. Clear, undeniable evidence. We can’t take in Syrian refugees because there might be a naughty person among them but we must, without suggesting any measures be taken, tolerate regular massacres on our own soil by fellow citizens who are having a bad week and have with trivial ease acquired incredibly potent weapons designed for the most modern army on earth to mow down enemies with. That’s just fine. Sicker and tireder and not in a mood to have respectful dialogue about it. OK, end of rant but I’m going to continue to feel that way.


Seductive Beaver Mascot…I dont think I’ve laughed that hard in a while…that will probably stick


Me too—on a positive note I think the change has been and will be liberating for Colbert and a boon to everyone who needs a laugh. There are other positive things to note—the craft beer revolution and the increasing availability of freshly made baked goods come to mind.


Using the Sheriff’s Sandy Hook logic, we should assume that he is part of the conspiracy to use this incident to “grab” guns.


The ensuing RWNJ meltdowns will just be lagniappe


He had a Glock pistol, a Smith & Wesson pistol, a Taurus pistol and a Del-Ton assault rifle all purchased legally.


There is no reason on earth any civilian needs to posses one of these.


His intent in acquiring these weapons was evidently to someday kill a group of people, and what better place than a school in a town that is “a red dot in a blue ocean”, where he may have been enrolled in a class.

TPMers have occasionally posted their opinions that other countries shake their head over our bizarro politics and ridiculously long campaign seasons, but I’ve always thought they shake their heads over how our government continually fails its people by not imposing control and simply offering more 'thoughts and prayers" and deferred discussions of tragedies.


American Exceptionalism


The NRA has won. There is nothing we can do to end this insanity.

What’s the name of this adolescent who’s obviously had some very expensive orthodontia and why he is talking about abortion?


“Colbert On Ore. Shooting: We Change Nothing And Pretend It Won’t Happen Again”

One more time, for those not listening…“We Change Nothing And Pretend It Won’t Happen Again

Or in jebbers case…stuff (i.e.: shit) happens!


This will never change here in the USA. The gun lobbyists are too powerful, there are already hundreds of millions of guns out there and easily available and way too many citizens believe that owning and using guns is some sort of god-given right that can never be taken away. That is a surefire recipe for tragedy over and over again.


In 1915, a man killed his three children and began a rampage down the streets of Brunswick, GA. He was finally shot and killed, but not before taking several other lives.

It can happen anywhere so long as we continue to have a culture that glorifies guns and violence.


Unless to use it. If you have one, surely you musht have thought in advance on WHY you want one - what USE you would have for it. And once you’ve obtained that thing you wanted for that purpose, it must be difficult to resist putting it to the very purpose for which you coveted it in the first place.

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…buhbuhbuh…they were LEGALLY purchased!!!

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