Discussion: Cohen Won't Declare Loyalty To Trump, Hints At Danger He Could Pose To Prez

He’s a lot of hot air, because if he had it in document form or written down at all, the FBI has it already, and if it just resides between his ears, who cares really?



Matthew Miller makes a good point on twitter:


My guess is that he’s trying to put pressure on Spankee to start picking up his (by now likely astronomical) legal bills by threatening to spill the beans publicly. (I agree FBI and others have all the info, they only want his confirmation.)

I doubt Spankee will bite, though. He’s learned that his slavering base will grovel and cheer no matter what comes out.

ETA: agree wtih @litho and Mathew Miller that a pardon may also be his goal – although that won’t help him with state-level charges.


If it comes to desperate leaps that contravene a thousand years of legal precedent, I bet Trump would rather pardon himself and let Cohen and Manafort swing. But first things first, Crimea as a straight up trade for the piss tape sounds about right.
You have to know who you can trust–


Much is made of pardons somehow compromising Mueller’s investigation. Yet we also read that once granted a pardon the object of an inquiry forfeits invoking the 5th in testimony that can still be compelled. And since a pardon has a “through date” one granted on the 10th of August for all crimes to that date doesn’t insulate you from perjury charges for lying to Mueller on the 11th of August. If Trump is the ultimate prize, and his minions are still subject to cooperate with Mueller pardons or not, I guess I could give a damn if Trump deals a few of them a get out of jail free card. I’d let every damn one of them walk, with all their ill-gotten gains, if Trump was destroyed in the bargain.


It is likely that Cohen also violated New York laws, and a Presidential pardon doesn’t cover those. If you have to go to jail, would you prefer to be in the Federal system or, say, Dannamorra???


Although much of the State level crimes occurred in NY, and I’ve yet to see a definitive analysis of NY’s double jeopardy situation vis-a-vis a defendant pardoned for Federal charges followed by a NY attempt to retry the perp on the same charges. Schneiderman felt the laws were ambigious enough to warrant lobbying the State legislature to sew up any possible loopholes that would scuttle any charges he brought against Trump pardoned defendants.


“I will not be a punching bag as part of anyone’s defense strategy, I am not a villain in any story and won’t allow others to try to depict me in that way,”

Has anyone checked on Rudy?


we know he communicated with Slater and the Russians about getting Trump elected and was the bagman for the hackers so this is still just more lies and Putin financed bs…


Sorry, this isn’t a suggestion that he’ll cooperate. If that was the case, he’d already be doing it. This is a reminder to Trump that he could cooperate, and a request for a pardon. It’s hardball, the only language Trump understands, and doing it on TV is the only way to actually make sure Trump sees it and pays attention to it.


Yes the calm rational President Trump has always offered the other cheek when crossed by someone. I’m sure he will gladly say " Michael old friend, let me pick up those legal fees. My bad, I appreciate all you have done for me "


For this and a number of other reasons involving quite a few people who’s names are well-known, New York state needs to clear up its possible fed/state double jeopardy issue … very soon.


On today’s episode of “The Fate of America, and the Fate of the American People…”

This reality show horeshit has so worn out its welcome.


If a crime happens in the forest, and TV news isn’t there to talk about it, did it really occur?


In my experience, the easiest way to head off the threat of your longtime personal lawyer/fixer potentially someday airing all of your dirty laundry is to not be a corrupt criminal piece of shit.

Your mileage may vary.


His comments also appear to be an overture to pay his legal bills.


Just fucking wears ya out doesn’t it?
I wish there was some way to change the channel.
Like clockwork orange , we are all strapped to the chair with our eyelids peeled back


It’s likely that drump isn’t certain that he can pardon himself, even though he’s probably been told opinions both ways. But if he thinks there’s even a chance that he can’t, he’ll think really hard about pardoning anyone else. Although I could take it if he pardons others and then gets thrown in jail.