Discussion: Cohen-Trump Tape Shows Trump Knew About Payments To Ex-Playboy Model

But of course he knew about it. Did anyone really ever doubt this? Seriously??


Not even Mrs. Trump.


Davis said his client “has been disparaged and insulted and called all kinds of things…He’s got truth on his side and he’ll continue to tell the truth.” Bwa…rings familiar.



Yeah uh-huh right Rudy the expertly enhanced tape clearly has Trump saying “Don’t pay with cash because it’s important to me that the world know I had a furtive affair with some babe and now I’m paying her six figures to not tell the world I had a furtive affair with her.” And nobody in the world is aware that shell companies are used to launder money and hide transactions the way trowels are used to plant petunias. Idiot.


LORDY, there are (LOTS!!!) of tapes!


You know what would be cute?

If Melania started hanging around gorgeous Hollywood men.


Distinction without a difference since we’re talking shell company hush money, but it sounded to me like he could’ve been asking, “Cash?”


This “expert” fits right in with the rest of Trump’s misfits. Last weekend Rudy was saying that Cohen was the one who suggested cash and Trump said “No, check” LOL Let’s see what today’s story brings !

As much as I am sure she is just as white-nationalist, racist, Nazi as her husband and is only out for herself (her son a weak second), I do sincerely hope, for her sake, that the rumors about her banging her brains out with the Trump Tower security guy are true.


The idea that trump would have no clue about his payment is so ridiculous and anyone who actually believes otherwise please email me. I have lovely seaside mansions located in downtown Phoenix Azf for sale at a great price.

What is most curious for me is Cohen taping this. I’m certain he’s seen up close what a lying, two-faced con trump is. Was this his way of having an insurance card for the future?


If you wanted to hide something, you would not do it by corporation

There’s that crack legal mind again.


This is all about whether candidate Trump violated campaign finance laws by secretly incurring expenditures designed to help his presidential campaign. Any secret expenditure above $25K is a felony.

We now know that he was fully aware of the McDougal claim and authorized Cohen to set up a shell company to make that payment. Giuliani and Trump lied on this point before–ie., falsely tried to keep this fact secret.

We know that the purpose of a shell company is precisely to mask the source of any payment to McDougal.

We know that no payment to McDougal was declared by Trump in accordance with campaign finance regulations. In fact he and Giuliani continue to deny it.

All that remains to be established is that the shell company was duly established and the payment to McDougal was duly made. It is irrelevant whether the payment was in cash or by check because in any case it was furtive and undeclared and the requisite intent on Trump’s part is clear.

As Avenatti keeps pointing out, all of this could be cleared up very quickly by Cohen. But in any case the tape is highly probative.


The tape captures the soon-to-be president and his lawyer discussing logistics of financing and whether to “pay with cash,” although the sound is muffled and Trump’s instructions on that are unclear.

Giuliani went on to say ‘ my audio experts have recovered the muffled portion and one can clear hear Donald Trump say ‘Michael, as an innocent man, I fully trust your judgment on how to put this spurious accusation behind me, and if you say paying her off is the best move then, golly, so be it. I am just angry that I won’t be able to give this money to the orphanage as I had planned, the little rascals need new shoes, but my first priority of to protect Melania so If you as my legal advisor, tell me that this is what I have to do, to protect my reputation as an innocent man, then that is what I will begrudgingly agree to. It is hard being so innocent and the victim of blackmail and knowing nothing of this terrible woman or her claims. I hope this exonerates me from any wrong doing…"


Trump can be heard saying “pay with cash,” though it isn’t clear if he is suggesting to pay with cash or not to pay with cash.

No! It is PERFECTLY CLEAR that Trump suggests “cash”, and Cohen starts saying “No, no, no!” whereupon Trump changes his answer to “check”.

There is no other possible way to hear this, and to report it isn’t clear is bad reporting. ANYBODY can hear this is what is on the tape!

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Some thoughts on the tape:

First, Trump is fully aware of the payment and likely its purpose. The reference to ‘our friend David’ could be to David Pecker or his sex addicted alias ‘David Dennison’.

Second, He even cites the figure, $150,000. So he’s aware of a standard model Cohen uses, but this amount was different from the Stormy Daniels amount (130k), so he knows. He tacitly approves the payment vehicle, a company.

Third, the time frame of this (before the election) is confirmed by Cohen’s reference to a recent CNN poll and Trump’s references (on other matters like the NYT’s subpoena for Ivana’s divorce records) that have the election calendar in mind.

Fourth, the gist of all of Trump’s conversation threads in this 3 minute piece is to hide and conceal. Whether it’s the intro conversation with Pam Bondi, the discussion on Ivana’s divorce records, or the $150,000 payment, it’s all about not drawing attention in the public to something controversial or embarrassing. That speaks to intent.

Fifth, when you add it all up, the tape is evidence that links Trump to this payment to Karen McDougal (as Cohen would have to admit under oath), that Trump knew and approved of the payment, and that Trump intentionally chose to conceal it to protect himself from scrutiny before the election. That cooperative agreement between Trump, Cohen, his Trump Org CEO, Weisselberg, and David Pecker represents a conspiracy to violate federal election laws and is a felony. Now, one argument Trump could make is that he was focused on preventing election scrutiny and not on avoiding reporting it to the FEC. He could claim ignorance on that, but I doubt it’s a strong defense because he was aware of the FEC reporting regs in several other areas.

Sixth, the tape will provide supporting evidence to prosecutors to argue that the Pecker-McDougal agreement was fraudulent. It wasn’t a hush NDA like Daniels’ case. Pecker misled McDougal by telling her this was an article publishing deal, when it was really a hush deal. There was never any intent to publish the article.


“The audio recording, surreptitiously made by Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, appears to contradict the Trump campaign’s later claim that Trump knew nothing about payments to the model, Karen McDougal, made through a media company.”

Let’s stop right there. If you needed some documentation to convince you that Trump was lying about this, there is no hope for you.


Agreed. I don’t think a conspiracy charge based on this discussion alone would fly, however. It’s not like they’re agreeing to rob a bank. It’s murkier than that. Trump would simply say that the purpose of concealing the payment, when he had this discussion, was to take a temporary measure to prevent a political uproar and that he intended to abide by all campaign finance disclosure requirements in due course. He won’t be able to say that if he made the payment and the disclosure deadline came and went.

In addition to the topic of the 150k payoff to Karen McDougal, there are several interesting names and other references in this 3 min tape that need to be looked at:

  • Pam [Bondi] - Trump’s lengthy exchange with her gives rise to thoughts about the payoff he made to her for throwing out an inquiry on the Trump University fraud (which is the subject of the NYAG complaint as it involved the Trump Foundation.
  • Alan Weisselberg (Trump Org CEO). If Weisselberg gets dragged into this investigation because of this tape, the Trump Org is on the chopping block.
  • ‘Charleston’ - this term is mentioned twice. I have no idea what Trump is talking about but it sounds sketchy.
  • ‘THIS’ - When talking to Bondi, he uses the term ‘THIS’ 4 times. As a veteran watcher of every mob tv show and movie known to human kind, that pronoun is intended to represent/conceal something else.
  • Pastor Scott
  • Mark Burns
  • Marc Kasowitz
  • Ivana divorce papers
  • Richard [Lefraff?] - mentioned by a woman who is probably Rhona Graff
  • Our friend David

Lots of names, potential witnesses and investigative threads are buried in this 2-3 minute audio recording. Good stuff from Cohen.


He didn’t say he “didn’t know”, he said “he didn’t no”. Which means something else entirely. Besides, don’t believe what you see or read, just what Trump says. And what he says now, not what he said then.