Discussion: Cohen: Trump Long Had ‘Catch-And-Kill’ Arrangement With National Inquirer

Well if Cohen doesn’t knock enough scales off the Orange Dragon, I’d settle for him bringing down the Enquirer’s little pay-for-play, sex-for-pay, extortion racket. The more of Hollywood’s seedy underbelly goes down with them, the better.

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I don’t understand what the Enquirer got out of saving Trump’s ass all these years. Think of all the juicy stories they hid in their vault.

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They got what all incompetent “journalists” desire above all else: ACCESS to the Rich and Powerful so they could rub elbows with them and pretend they are their “friends” and get invited to all the cool-kid parties they throw.
Ego-stroking goes both ways.

Marueen Dowd; I’m looking at YOU!!! as a prime example.

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It’s a good thing that AMI already stipulated to making an illegal campaign contribution. Because the wingnuts are definitely going to use this comment to argue that it wasn’t about the campaign at all, it was just the usual run of fraud and intimidation which we all know is OKIYAR.

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OT, but does anyone know if / when the hearing will rsume today?

Watching on YouTube and it just says “In Recess”?

Money for not publishing and money to keep it hidden?

Well Republicans kept Hillary and other democrats going for hours! They already tried to stop this so I’m guessing will try to delay restart.

Hillary was in the seat for 11 hours.

This is child’s play by comparison.

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