Discussion: Cohen To GOP: You Haven't Asked Me A Single Question About Trump

As Mr. Lynch said, the GOP isn’t afraid of Mr. Cohen lying; they’re afraid of him telling the truth.


The GOP keeps harping on Mr. Cohen being the “best” witness.

He’s just the first “best” witness…


Cohen as a lawyer knows exactly why the Republicans aren’t asking him about Trump, you never ask a question of a witness unless you know the answer ahead of time, but no worries the Democrats will be asking great and in depth questions.


Trump is A Vietnam Veteran, now, who developed a bone spur for HIS country.
How dare you ,Mr Cohen, ask that we would question this person’s integrity that has given so much.


Jordan et al. seem to forget that Cohen was hired in part as an attack dog, and he did that reasonably well. He’s the blustering New Yorker to the point of self-parody and since he’s now free to say what really happened he has some advantages. They’re bluffing with a weak hand; he’s not.


Amazing, though I guess it shouldn’t be, that all they have is, “will you promise to not earn money on a book deal?” Have they not heard of Ollie North?


Smearing Cohen won’t work.

During Manafort’s trial, when they were smearing Gates, OSC made the argument that criminals don’t conspire with nuns and schoolteachers. They conspire with other criminals. That’s who you’ll get for witnesses.

The GOP is afraid of RICO and RICO-style tactics because it has become a criminal and terrorist organization.


That’s not why they’re not asking those questions. They’re not asking questions about Trump because they do know the answers.


The GOP is scared shitless of their own primary voters. Even if they had a shred of integrity and wanted to get actual information from Cohen about Trumpian malfeasance, they don’t dare cross the shitheads who voted them into office.


Pretty much. They’re just along for the ride and there’s NOTHING they can do. They can only sit and watch him give damning testimony

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Just had the first one, from Justin Amash (R, Mi), who also voted against the “national emergency” He is actually asking real questions. At least one Republican is off the reservation. The contast between him tone/questions and the FreedomFreak Meadows and WrestlerChildMolester Jordan.


Jordan is going to be pissed at Amash. He’s humanizing Cohen.


Yep, I had to re-check the political affiliation of Mr. Amash. He was actually asking relevant questions.

Weird as hell for a Republican.


Well, of course they haven’t. It would be ridiculous for them to do so. The Republican narrative is that every single word out of Cohen’s mouth is a lie; if he said “it’s a nice day,” they’d all put on raincoats. Asking him a question about anything substantive would be a tacit admission that his response might be true; there’s no point in asking someone who you’re positive is going to lie to you anything at all, so, contrapositively, asking them something suggests you think they might not lie. The Republicans clearly understand that if Cohen is telling the truth, they’re screwed, so their only strategy is to paint him as a liar.


I don’t think the GOP is getting away with much except relentlessly trying to discredit Cohen.
There is one person I’m thankful is not on this committee and that is Graham, suffering with Jordan is terrible enough. I can’t watch him any more.


Big fucking time!!! On both counts. We finally found it, a truely honorable honest republican. Go buy a lottery ticket, its like finding a pot o gold.


That’s the second time he had a great fucking answer. So much embarrassment and damage for the GOP today. So much.

Seriously. It’s all nonsense. Do they really think that genius level prosecutors spend entire careers pursuing RICO and other organized crime convictions in PRECISELY the manner Mueller has, climbing the organization’s ladder and flipping people by catching them in their cover-up lies, because the technique is terrible and never works to secure convictions? IT WORKS ALMOST ALL THE TIME. I’d even remove the “almost” if I didn’t feel like that’s just inviting some asshole to point out the one lone time it didn’t. Juries CONSISTENTLY find these people credible.


IOKIYAR pure and simple


He is an odd ball. Is actually a real, not fake, libertarian. Think honorable, non ayn rydn Rynd Paul