Discussion: Cohen Makes Final Statement On Way To Prison, Says 'Much Remains To Be Told'

“There still remains much to be told, and I look forward to the day that I can share the truth…"

In a book. For a large guaranteed advance. Because secret impediments known only to me prevent revealing those truths beforehand.

Seemingly, he is afraid for his family should he tell all. Maybe it’s time to set up a fund for their protection in the federal witness program.Once assured they are safe, and that Cohen will be safe when he gets out, he might tell more. The truth will out. Beyond that, could Congress call him in to testify at this point?

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Cohan belongs in jail, along with his accomplices. I am looking ay you Little Donnie Short Fingers.


That is assuming he survives Prison.

There are a lot of very powerful people (US, Russian, and Israeli) who would rather that Micheal Cohen never walks out of prison alive, since: “Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

I HOPE his lawyers have requested he be sequestered from the general population, for his own safety.


Cohen has no doubt already written it all up, and recorded videos to be released if something happens to him. Think John Grisham.


Let’s hope he has more to share and does so while it can help rid us of Aged Orange. I’m doubtful, and there’s a lot of self interest in Cohen’s comment.


He’s in a minimum security camp without walls. He’ll be able to leave the grounds with an approved escort after a while if his behavior warrants it.
His time to speak is now. Actually, his time to speak was during his last hearing but all he really said during it was crap most of us already knew: Trump is a racist, Trump cheats at his finances. BFD.
He’s been Trump’s friend,confidant and lawyer for many years, surely he has more than that.


Well then, told it.

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Well, we all know he is saving it for a book to be published the day he walks out of prison.

He IS a Grifter after all, just as sleaze-ball as his former employers.

"I may, or may not, have damning evidence that might put Trump and his toxic, xenophobic, justice obstructing administration in peril. Believe me, I want all of these things to end just as much as anybody. But…

…you’ll just have to wait for my tell-all book, on store shelves near you sometime 3rd quarter of 2024!"

Someone should ask him if Donald Trump has ever paid for someone to have an abortion.


if “they” wanted to get rid of him “they” would have done so by now

but why bother? plus an “accident” would likely open an investigation…

“Prison” suggests Alcatraz or a Shawshank-style hotel. He’s going to day camp so let’s not shed tears for Mikey. He’ll be in with white collar swindlers, grifters, tax cheats and hedge-fund crooks. I doubt there will be mean guys from the 'hood. Remember, before Mikey was contrite he was a nasty, threatening scumbag.

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Remembering, of course, that some of the things that he was asked are currently under investigation and he, therefore, can not talk about it.

I get it that Cohen did a lot of bad things. Still, I have a little sympathy for him. It really stinks that Trump hires him to do something that gets Cohen in jail and Trump walks free.

As to “day camp”…sure it is not Alcatraz, but I would be willing to bet that if you were forced to walk in the shoes that Cohen is going to be walking for the next three years you would not find it a pleasant way to spend your time…

Well Mike youve got 3 years to tell us about it from your cell @ camp snoopy.

Disclosure: I’ve been a guest in one of those places. The fed minimum-security level ones are pretty cushy compared to state pens and county jails. He’ll be with similar types not ones who carry shanks.

I am not saying that he will be doing hard time in a state pen. However, I have yet to find anyone who would like to spend the next three years going where Cohen is going and doing what he will be doing.