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So the status quo endures.

Maybe McDaniel’s staff can break in tonight and change the outcome.


Does anyone have a handle on where this might lead if Cochran wins in November?
Were promises of future action made to Democrats who voted for him on Tuesday?
Will they expect or demand that Cochran, along with other “Establishment” Mississippi Republicans, push for more pork, or pressure the state to expand Medicaid?
Or was fear of a Tea Party win enough to sway Democrats?

Hate to say it but the people of Mississippi won. I desperately want the Dems to win but barring that I can see how voters would choose unpleasant over toxic. The only consolation is that it sounds like there will be a long and protracted recount and general in-fighting in the GOP. In the end McDaniels has no where else to go but the GOP unless it’s a the 3rd party, and that’s a dead end. He may be promised something by the GOP and go away quietly.

The only outcome from this I think will be closed primaries in MS. Like with most unique artifacts of southern politics (runoffs, etc …) the reasons for the open primary system was probably about race. Came back to bite the most rabid race-haters today.


… almost forgot, Rove was heavily involved in this so is the margin of victory within striking distance of a recount reversal or real evidence of GOP criminal activity at the ballot overturning the result?

Cochran is an old style southern patrician, and in a deeply conservative state, they went with a deeply conservative candidate. McDaniels is not a conservative, he’s an opportunistic rabble-rouser with no ethical values whatsoever, as his campaign so clearly showed.

A lot of it was black voter turnout, but I suspect what when the data is more finely sifted, they will find that many whites who sat out the first primary turned out in the runoff simply to stop that madman. And the keep the gravy train running.


“Doomed their candidate to defeat”

The loser’s followers were chanting “Write IN”

We shall see.


Good for Mississippi for rejecting the TP. Cochran is no rose, but far better than the alternative.


I’m sure they’re already working on “a solution”.

If McDaniels getting on the ballot as a write in is even possible, it’d be hilarious. MORE CLOWNS FOR THE CLOWN-CAR PLEASE!

It’s under the bridge and over the dam, Ed.

There is no political entity of the United States I have ever disliked as much as the Tea Party.

Perhaps the 1850s Know Nothings were more violent, but in terms of more devastating harm to many many more human beings (not to mention the safety, environment and security of the planet itself), no political entity has ever matched the 2009-2014 TeaParty.

Thank you, Rick Santelli.

Thank you Dick Armey

Thank you FOX and Talk Radio

Thank you compliant MSM

And, above all, thank you, those who could have stopped Baggerism in its tracks (at least as far as letting it stop government as we know it), when you decided to boycott the polls and sit the 2010 “off-year” elections out.

At the Congressional AND State legislative level.


Another thing that is uniquely MS…The Barbour Machine. It was going full steam into the run off. There were also a lot of R’s that didnt think McDaniel could win on the first go around and turned out the second time.


Not sure that is the case. Racist assholes used to win easily in Mississippi and McDaniel failed. Looks like change to me.


As we’ve always known, “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know!!!”

Mississippi has a sore-loser law though, I’d imagine that would preclude McDaniel from doing anything more than fuming.

@Captain​Commonsense that law doesn’t preclude write ins, it just precludes getting on the ballot. Even better if the write in votes don’t count they would still come from Cochran’s “base” of support. In Mississippi Democrats normally get about 45% of the vote state wide, so they would need 10-15% of the electorate to write in McDaniels name to win.


Tweedledumb and Tweedlederp…

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To be quite honest, the GOP ‘establishment’ should be attacking the insurgents a lot harder on the pork issue, but they’re scared.

Examples of how it should be done:

– “Like the fact that McDerpenstein Air Force Base is still open? Well I fought for it. Teabag X will close it.”

– “Like the job training center over in Possum’s Holler that’s getting people into work? I went out and got us that. Teabag X wants it to go to (insert other state/county/district)”

– “Like the new interchange from the interstate that lets you get to yer grammy’s 20 minutes faster? It’s there because I fought for our tax dollars to be spent here instead of in Goober’s Gulch. Teabag X doesn’t want you to have that.”

– “Me and Teabag X both love God, love Freedumb, love (insert district/state name), and love 'Murica. We both want less taxes and less spending. The difference is, I want every dollar of the taxes we DO pay out to the IRS spent back here, and I’ll fight for it. He won’t.”

Stop trying to pretend like you’re as crazy as they are – you can’t fake zealous insanity. Put it out there in terms that Real People understand, and show how it will affect them in a Real Way every day.