Discussion: CO Gov. John Hickenlooper Announces 2020 Bid

President Hickenlooper

mmmmm sounds different than what we are use too as far as names go.


Seems both the more liberal and the more moderate parts of the party have choices.

Seems also neither side is more crowded in the primary.

I like Hickenlooper… not sure he’s going to have the sizzle many of the Candidates already announced.

Probably a fine Interior Secretary… Much the same, Inslee could run the EPA…

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Well, this is the phase of the cycle we’re in. Many suitors for the voting public’s hand. Not sure how a guy with ties to the fossil fuel extraction industry gets much traction nationally with progressives, or people who want their kids and grandkids to live on a planet that supports life reasonably well, you know, those single-interest folks like that. Also the persona thing. He’s still kind of the skinny kid with glasses and a funny name. There’s an intangible air of command that matters in national leadership. Take, at random, Kamala Harris. She looks serious, although she can be funny and light too. But when she furrows her brow you get ready to run. :smile: One thing I ask of a candidate in 2020 is to have that for real, to contrast with the guy who pretends to.


I have enjoyed watching Hicks rise in Colorado. But I don’t see how he differentiates himself in an increasingly crowded Democratic field.

Same goes for Senator Bennett.

Of course, there is always dropping out (eventually) and running against Gardner, which is what I hope he does. That seat is his for the taking.


Pile on another one. Just thinking that probably most know they don’t have a chance but wanting to get their name out there for positions in the next Dem. admin. Here’s hoping.

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His great grandfather,Andrew Hickenlooper,had a distinguished career as an artillery officer from Ohio during the Civil War. He rose to the rank of Brigadier General and was Lt. Governor of Ohio from 1879-1881.


Despite his background in the fossil fuel industry, Hickenlooper had some decent pro-environmental accomplishments as governor, e.g. adopting CA emission standards. He has a genial, non-adversarial persona that might appeal to the folks who might otherwise vote for Biden. And he was born in Pennsylvania. He has a shot (no pun intended) at getting the craft beer drinker vote. I enjoyed his appearance on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” a couple of years ago – it’s worth checking out, although he sounded funnier on the air. https://www.npr.org/2017/08/19/544552595/not-my-job-colorado-gov-john-hickenlooper-gets-quizzed-on-2020

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Hickenlooper will battle with Amy Klobuchar to see who can be the most irrelevant and ignored…

I’m starting to worry about the number of Democratic candidates this time around. With such a crowded field, there’s a great risk of having one candidate who has a small, but devoted following win a lot of early primaries with only 10-15% of the vote in each state. Were that to happen, this person might have a substantial, even unbeatable lead before the heard is thinned enough to get a good look at perhaps more viable candidates.

In such a scenario we could easily get stuck with an extreme, largely unelectable nominee simply because he or she had an early, but very consolidated following. Essentially, we’re at risk of nominating our own Donald Trump when we have this many candidates (or another George McGovern if you prefer).

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Nailed that.

CO Gov. John Hickenlooper Announces 2020 Bid

Hickenlooper vs. Huckabee, with the first debate to be held in Hoboken.


It could be a hellacious hootenanny…


As long as either Bennett or hickenlooper is there at the end. I would like an electable candidate (someone w/o the screaming vulnerabilities of sanders, or who can be characterized as a socialist successfully) at the end other than Biden and hick fits the bill.

I was liking Harris at the start, but she keeps saying things, and taking positions, that sound like she is letting her mind run free after taking a couple of thc chocolates with her caneros Chardonnay.

With the exception of California,the first 4 states and the Super Tuesday lineup will probably be about the same as 2016. We know California is moving up,we just don’t know when. I expect that by Super Tuesday the field will be whittled down to no more than half a dozen and Super Tuesday will mathematically eliminate 3-4 of them. It is REALLY gonna get interesting if either or both Beto and Biden join the race. I expect at least one of them will too.

Do ya want an administration that will do the People’s business without a hic-up ? ? …

Do ya want a President without scandals that throw us for a loop ? ? …


NO. Stop this. Run for the Senate seat and take out the R. Geezus.


Having a microbrewery founder who as governor legalized cannaibus in the White House would be a good thing.

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Yikes! I’m wondering whether Hick will have the personal strength to get to the presidency. I think he’s earned his nickname “Chickenlooper” with his severe allergy to conflict. Hick for Denver mayor was a no-brainer. Hick for governor was a tiny bit of a stretch. He won his first term because his opponent was an idiot (running “practically unopposed”, as a co-worker put it). His need to be liked makes him try to be too many things for too many interests. His reason for running (I like to put good teams together) is too technical. He’s more conservative than he first appears. Granted, I’d take him over Biden, Bernie, Beto, Harris or Warren, but I’m hoping for that elusive perfect candidate. And I don’t think it’s Hick.