Discussion: CNN Says Corey Lewandowski Is No Longer Being Paid By Trump Campaign

Trump: I am looking into filing my next Chapter 11. I will take care Lew on my next venture: Tump TV. He will be Hannity’s side-kick.

And yet this wretch is definitely receiving payments from CNN. YA reason to never watch that channel. He’s just another name on a long list of worthless, ignorant commentators and vapid anchorpeople. It’s a pity, I remember when CNN started, it was a good network. Then they tried to keep up (or down) with Fox “News.” it’s a real pity.

And we all know they’re all as honest as the day is long. CL is still a surrogate for DJT and should be presented as such on CNN if we’re to be subjected to him.


That shows the sad world of employees today. Even when not getting paid an ex-employee is expected to work overtime for free. Pathetic!

Sure hes NOW being paid from the Trump Foundation…

I really liked it when after the debate when Anderson Cooper introduced Lewandowski and added “that he was being paid by the trump campaign”


CNN Says Corey Lewandowski Is No Longer Being Paid By Trump Campaign

Soooo…everything’s A-OK now?


I find it amusing the only person DT appears to have actually PAID money to instead of stiffing them was spending most of his time working for someone else. Conman gotta con.

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Hey CNN! Our problem with you employing Lewandowski wasn’t that he was still being paid by Trump; it was that he’s Corey Fucking Lewandowski! Why in god’s name would you employ this jackass?


This in no way lets CNN off the hook.

Is Lewandowski still under a non-disclosure/disparagement agreement w/ Trump?


Everything comes to an end," Lewandowski joked


I believe those are eternal…

“Now, in previous appearances we told you that Corey was still receiving severance from the Trump campaign, that is no longer the case, we are told,” she said. “Are you done with those payments?”

“Amazing. Everything comes to an end,” Lewandowski joked.

“I didn’t think those would ever run out,” Camerota replied.

Ha ha, Collusion!

…and because the Trump campaign NEVER does anything under the table I am supposed to believe CNN? Uh yeah.

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I wish cartoon bad guys had a pundit show on cable…

What does CNN know about that ? There must be a 1000 ways to funnel payment to Cory out of sight for CNN…

If Trump could funnel money to Cuba, a mole at CNN is easy-peasy…

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Why should Trump pay him? All he has to do is promise to pay him.

But he’ still being paid by CNN, that’s the problem.

Hello…the mere appearance of journalistic impropriety by this group is inexcusable…little wonder they are regarded as an open sewer of professional integrity…

Well, not being paid at the moment.

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