Discussion: CNN: Mueller Sent Inquires About Podesta Group, Other Lobbyists To NY Prosecutors

Lotta Rubles floatin’ around
Lotta Rubels


In 3, 2, 1 they ALL do it:

democratic lobbyist ,
former GOP Rep.
former Obama White House counsel.

Add that the list include 2 Dim, so they do it more to the meme.

How many rubles does it take to turn a highly educated operative into a rube?

This won’t go anywhere. Even in Mueller’s indictment of Manafort, he’s quite clear in saying that the lobbyists Manafort hired were deceived about the source of Manafort’s funding. If an American citizen hires an American lobbyist to lobby before Congress, that’s not a crime. The crime was Manafort falsifying documents to hide the fact that the money he used to pay these groups came from the Ukrainian government.

Since Manafort is also being charged with money laundering, it’s not hard to argue that he’s good at hiding the real source of any of his money. That’s what money launderers do, so there’s no reason to believe that either Podesta or Weber should have known that something was wrong when Manafort hired them.

Page 16-19 of the indictment spells all of this out:

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