Discussion: CNN Host Quizzes Jeb On 'Radical Islam' Term: You Brother Said 'Islam Is Peace'

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Did JEB scream “Declare war!” again like a little girl?


What ever happened to the war on poverty? Or the war on cancer? Any news on those fronts, Asswipe? RWNJ “Terrrrism” fear-machine humming along, firing on all channels, I see. We know you want to be a war-presnit too! But go fuck yourself. The adults are gonna handle this from here.


ummmmm… if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then chances are its probably a duck…

wanting to wage war on ‘Islamic Terrorists’ has no meaning… the US and many other countries are bombing the crap out of ISIS strongholds but are the Republicans now suggesting we bomb known Islamic ghettos in France and Belgium and wherever else that there may be an ‘unholy’ concentration of Muslims?

the Korean Police Action wasn’t an official war except to the guys getting shot at… if anyone thinks that war isn’t being waged on the ISIS then I suggest they go sit in one of the towns in Syria or Iraq under ISIS control…

trying to semantically parse words doesn’t change the nature of what’s actually happening…


This jack-wad has nothing!

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OH, and PS jebbers, you want “boots on the ground” let’s start with your kids!


Republicans are quick to throw out the phrase “Islamic terrorism” on a whim. Why do we never hear them use the term “Christian terrorism” when someone bombs an abortion clinic?


Interesting how the Dem candidates talk about what they want to about the problem, while the GOP candidates spend all their time focusing on what words to use to describe the problem. It’s also very telling the GOP doesn’t criticize what the Dems want to do about the problem, they only criticize how they describe it.


Did Jeb say that he stands 100% behind the president in this time of crisis? I may have missed that traditional statement from the opposition party.


You also won’t hear any of them calling the KKK “Christian terrorists.”


If the terrorists have co-opted Islam, that means it’s not Islam we’re at war against, but the terrorists who are trying to cloak their purpose in religious guise.

George W was right: Al Qaeda is no more representative of Islam as, say, the KKK is representative of Christianity.

If your aim is to alienate a billion of so people, who might otherwise be persuaded to ally themselves to this cause, go right on ahead and keep yammering on about “radical Islam” and creeping sharia.

If your aim is to defeat the enemy, call the terrorists terrorists, get some of the Arab world on our side, and get the right job done.


Jebya said of Dubya:
“He viewed it as a national security fight, and he led. And that’s what we need to do again.”

So does that mean we need to invade a country that had nothing to do with the attacks, and destabilize (further) the entire Middle East?


Condi sez------------"Birth Pangs!!! I don’t know nothin’ 'bout birthing no democracy! "

to paraphrase Butterfly McQueen’s character, Prissy, in GOne With the Wind".

The only thing sadder than these dick heads bitching about things Obama does that they praised Dubba for is that their supporters believe it all.


this is our fight..ie: Another unilateral foreign policy blunder driven by the GOP…

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JebBush will be inundated with relative questions, literally relative also, about his brother and all the things that he did. He can back his bro because that’s what bros do and it will haunt him or he can say his bro screwed up in grand fashion and alienate his base.
There is no good answer for JebBush is the point. He starts out as a neocon and gets worse. The questions will get tougher and his responses will be parsed harder as the campaign goes on. He’ll never master the art of not being George’s brother.


Jebba, sweetie. Radicalization of Christianity is going on right under your PinochiNose…

Admit that , then you and Clinton might talk.

We are never going to get a handle on the animosity in the Islamic world, but in particular the ME and Central and South Asia, until we quit characterizing terrorist groups like al Qaeda and ISIL as Islamist and seeing the problem as one of religion.

Just as the “Troubles” in N. Ireland were never about religion and always about political and economic disenfranchisement, the radicalism in the guise of Islam is about political power and a burning hatred of roughly 100 years of Western meddling in the Islamic world. As long as we continue to support despotic regimes across the Islamic world, the West will collectively have a target on our back. Al Qaeda and ISIL aren’t the cause they are the result.

However, we are morally trapped by our actions in Iraq. The collapse of Iraq did not cause the civil war in Syria. However, by destroying what little cohesion Iraq had, we helped create a vacuum of several thousand square miles with little or no central authority awash in weapons. And beyond the political problems that the West created post WWI and WWII, the historic animosities between rival Muslim sects can’t be “fixed.” Certainly not by bombing campaigns.

We are trapped for the foreseeable future unless we do things the hard way and that is not by military force but by facing down the Saudis, the Egyptians, the Turks, the Iranians, the Israelis and all the lesser players in the region. The boldest thing we could do is simply cut them all off demanding that they fix their socio-political problems or we cease all commerce. Hell, I’d back fracking the entirety of N. America and even support tar sands extraction if it were necessary to put the economic screws to these states and non-state actors. That is the only long term solution.


Of course Mr. CNN allowed Bush to continue his ruse. Hillary Clinton said we are not at war with Islam, the religion, and that language like that is counter productive. She agreed we are at war with extremists.

What Bush is saying isn’t meant to advance American safety. It’s meant to advance his ailing campaign. It doesn’t matter to anyone but the rubes what you call terrorists. You can name them as you like. It won’t change a damn thing. But GOP’ers are still stuck in all talk no walk mode…and here’s more. Mr. CNN could have pointed out that no Democrat is denying that ISIS uses Islam as a cover. Could have…but did not.


HMMMM, I like his idea about 'SAFE-ZONES; in Syria. It would keep Syrians in their homeland and possible terrorists out of other countries. I think this should be looked at VERY seriously.