Discussion: CNN Host Grills RNC Chair As He Insists Trump Has Pivoted Muslim Ban (VIDEO)

"No, he has said he has changed,” Priebus said in response. “And he has put the position on the table. And that is his position.”

Because of course Trump has NEVER changed a position he’s held. :wink:

Now, now, Trump has modified his position. It will be a ban on people from certain regions.

(Just because those are Muslim regions is not a big deal)

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Poor Rinse. He has to try to convince Trump’s base that he hasn’t changed his position while trying to convince sane people that Trump has changed his position. And the band played on.


Guys, guys, you’re BOTH right. Trump holds both those positions – and more! You name a position, he’ll hold it!


It’s nice to see the Greased Penis squirm on live TV!

I thought you all might like to read this from the ghostwriter of the Art if the Deal


It’s going to be some show because you know as sure as the sun comes up Donald will go off script leaving weasels like Reince doing their best impression of Ralph Kramden


It’s a floor wax AND a dessert topping.


Shorter Reince: “I don’t care that it’s yellow and streaming outta my dick – I’m tellin’ you that your leg is wet and that it got that way by rain fallin’ from above. Just listen to me – you’re thinkin’ way too hard about this.”


Simple question.

Has Trump backed off his position or hasn’t he?

Let’s make it simpler. Does he know if he has or hasn’t?

Trump needs to go all in and ban not only immigrants from countries that train and harbor terrorists but travelers as well. It will have the added effect of banning all Americans from leaving the US. More Americans will have to staycation in country. It will be a yuuuuuuge boon for Trump properties all across this great land. And that’s how Trump will Make America Great Again! :wink:

…even as CNN’s Jake Tapper pointed out that Trump’s position is confusing.

“Duh!” said Priebus, “That’s what ‘pivot’ means! Doesn’t it?”

A moving target is hard to hit.

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Your proposition about Trump is flawed; it presumes getting a word in.

What about Scotland? Exceptions for duffers?

Reince has zero idea how hard our vetting system is already as does Trump. People who were translators with the American Army in Iraq or Afghanistan and who risked their lives and their families lives by doing their jobs have yet to be admitted entrance.

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Notice the RNC Chair uses the word “pivot” to make it sound reasonable. And then CNN/Tapper promptly uses the term as well. Whereas if it had been a Democrat talking CNN would have said “flip flop”. Not once has the media referred to a GOP “flip flop”.

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I was hoping Reince would floss for the Convention, but no…

Oh how soon we forget, William Wallace and his uprising for independence. Terrorist very bad terrorist, not a law and order dude.
All those duffers duffing around Scottish links are just practicing for the next war of independence. And they have sticks, sticks are bad. Very yuuuuuuuge sticks are very very worst.