Discussion: CNN Claims Ted Cruz 'Lies' -- Then Changes Headline

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CNN is gutless. Why dial it back when you know he lied.

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Oh my goodness, such drama!

CNN’s only (initial) crime was innuendo by a talking head – not “reporting” that Carson was suspending, quitting, etc., just that it was fact Carson was headed to his FL home after Iowa. After that, shit was hitting fans due to Cruz … and still is, it would appear. Cruz must be really loving this because he gets to continue the gratuitous smears on Rubio and make CNN look like the shell of its former self that it has been for quite some time now. Sad.

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That man is constitutionally incapable of telling the truth.


And by “constitutionally,” I’ll assume you mean like taking a dump.


His nose is really growing longer. He lied his way to America. Now, his way is more lies to be president.

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Grabbed at 04:11 EST

Sure. His lips ae moving.

Cruz and CNN both have credibility problems.

This was Ben Carson’s mistake in PR, followed by CNN reading into it, followed by Cruz’ staff and volunteers reading into it. Cruz told the truth. He ostensibly was referring to the television broadcast – this one. And notice CNN’s tweet, “After the #IAcaucus, @RealBenCarson plans to take a break from campaigning.”