Discussion: CNBC Announces Criteria For Oct. 28 GOP Debate

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CRITERIA! We don’t need no steenkeeng criteria!

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3% cut-off would be pretty meaningful. Just looking at the most recent poll (today’s Suffolk/USA Today) that would mean only 6 candidates on the primetime debate: Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Rubio, Bush & Cruz.

It would be hard for Rubio’s breakout to not continue standing in that group.

To appear in the top tier event at 8 p.m., candidates need to get 3 percent average support in polls between Sept. 17 and Oct. 21. The network will round up for any Republican polling at 2.5 percent or higher.

So why not just say “To appear in the top tier event at 8 p.m., candidates need to get 2.5 percent average support”? Isn’t that the reality?


Because reporters can not handle decimals. Its a math thing.


Oops. I saw Christie down right. Thought it was about CNBC’s new cafeteria.
My bad.

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  1. No “sad face”.

  2. Foundation must be white.

  3. Wig must be a primary color.

  4. No horns, cream pies or soda sprays allowed.

  5. Shoe size - unlimited.

  6. Winner receives a prize bin full of board games.

  7. Runner up receives giant Tootsie Roll.


CNBC Criteria for GOP Debate:

  1. Does it make us lots of Money? Do it!
  2. See Criteria #1.

but I averaged 2.45! shouldn’t that be rounded up to 2.5?


… there will be a second tier “undercard” debate after the primetime event.

To appear in the ***top tier event at 8 p.m.***,candidates need to get 3 percent average support…Candidates polling below that threshold will qualify for the 6 p.m. undercard.

My brain hurts.


Jim Cramer? Jim freakin’ Cramer?

Oh, wait. He’ll fit right in with a room full of grifters.


This is TPM. You expected actual editing? Heaven forfend!

They think if the posters can “talk” in shortcuts so can the writers of the articles. Everybody kinda knows what they mean anyway. Right?

Or they could go the other way and have Soupy Sales and White Fang asking the questions.

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WARNING Be sure your mouth is empty of food / drink before viewing…


OMG! One little weenie! Better than 'pound the shrimp"!!!


Sheer genius!

Will they also require Carly to bring actual evidence of her visions?


I would really like to see a debate done like a round of Jeopardy. Short Q&As, everyone asked the same question and you have to write your answer down w/o knowing how others responded…

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how about only those with an IQ over 120?

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