Discussion: Closed-Door Meeting Leaves GOP, WH Far Apart On Tariffs As Deadline Looms

Hmmm, a vote to nullify the emergency, thereby blowing up the build the wall effort as well?

Yeah, I should live so long to actually see the rethugs do the right thing.


I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again. Trump is going to announce some sort of bullshit progress being made, a reduction in migrants crossing the border. Some government monitoring agency somewhere in the bowels of DC will cough up statistics backing his assertion Mexico has done as he’s asked, and the tariffs will be suspended until further notice.


The Repukes are caught in a bind. They can make Trump back down and lose the deplorables vote or let the tariffs stand and get punished in the 2020 election because the economy will have cratered. I would prefer the former because of the suffering an economic collapse would cause but they don’t care about anything other than getting reelected.


Maybe in Trump’s eighth term, the Republicans might finally wake up, splitting headache and every movement painful, and regret this binge. Right now, though, they are drunk on power, and enjoying being belligerent and abusive too much to stop.


When are the Republicans going to wake up to the fact that DJT does not give a damn about them just as he doesn’t give a damn about anyone other then himself and Ivanka.


So for the 1st time, Mitch McConnell is disagreeing with Trump.

The reason: tariffs on imports from Mexico will seriously impact his wife Elaine Chao’s Taiwanese shipping compnay and their monopoly stanglehold on the shipping lanes to the US as well as to Mexico. The Chao family is the richest Taiwanese family (worth billions) and they are 100% dependent on McConnell maintaining their monopoly control. If they have to face competition or a business downturn, their whole empire comes crumbling down.


“Trouble In Paradise”? An “Uprising in Purgatory” might be more accurate, or perhaps “The Glow Is Off The Shotgun Marriage”. However it may be described, we hope that it causes unceasing heartburn and an uptick in ulcers.


Here’s a tariff experience while shopping for an enclosed cargo trailer. The dealer helpfully explained that because of tariffs on steel, he had no choice but to add a 10% surcharge to the cost of a trailer. So I read the manufacture date off the trailer’s VIN label and asked the guy what the steel tariff was during the Obama administration? This trailer was made in 2015. So why don’t you not only waive the bullshit surcharge, but also give me a 50% discount on your 3-year-old inventory, by way of apology for being dishonest. He declined. Sometimes you just have to walk away.


“Protect the price of equities” is the GOP mandate, especially since 2008. Trump can do anything he wants as long as the big stock indexes rise. Tariffs on Mexico are a no no.


If it affects Chao’s family business and thus McConnell’s checkbook he is going to fucking FREAK


DOJ should be targeting its antitrust enforcement for businessmen who claim the cost of tariffs will be passed on to the consumer. There isn’t enough competition if that statement is true.

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This is entirely possible. However, how do we know whether Rump will wake up at 3:36 am some morning, completely disoriented, jump on Twitter and announce tariffs on Mexico again?? There’;s so much instability right now it;s hard to know what’s going to happen one day to the next and—the Rethugs won’t do anything about it.


Or, as Trump might confusedly say, “Trouble in Pleasure, what a name.”

Freight rates are down, and a lot of trailer stock is sitting idle. Excellent, almost new used units are available at good prices, and going that route saves you paying the FET that you would on new. Just saying.


I would almost believe Schumer detected some hesitation on Trump’s part, as news of a GOP revolt got to him overseas. and he was needling Trump about backsliding in order to stiffen his spine and goad him into imposing the tariffs.

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I know, it’s just hit or miss finding the right size.

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I’ve thought the same thing. The Trump WH loves sending people scrambling over saying “Maybe”; they’ve done it nearly every day since they’ve been in office.

At first, it seemed to mostly just be a trick to send the “squirrel” distracted media on another shiny bauble hunt,with the additional treat of being able to say “Fake news!” when the maybe turned out to be a no.

But somewhere along the way, they realized they could make other people dance this way, too.


Find a salesperson at a commercial trailer dealership, someone with 25-30 years in the business. He’ll have a rolodex going back decades, and access to inventory basically on every lot in his network of friends and associates. Even paying for their time it’s still worth it. You should be able to provide a spec wish list and have something in short order, unless you’re on the hunt for a trailer with oddball, application specific stuff that makes finding one on the secondary market prohibitively difficult. Simple dimension and GVW specs are are easy finds.