Discussion: Cliven Bundy's Daughter Rips Fox News Host Sean Hannity

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Perhaps she’ll run for public office in Nevada just like Darth Cheney’s daughter in Wyoming. At a minimum she and Lizard should have their own reality TV show. Add in Bristol Palin and call it

Daughters of the American Devolution


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“What does my dad’s opinion on the state of the Blacks on welfare have to do with the land rights issue?” Nothing![/quote]

So why does your dad keep bringing it up? Oh yeah, he’s the one that keeps wanting to compare his own plight to those of slaves.


OK, so you don’t want them to focus on your Dad’s racism, but instead should focus on the fact that he has been breaking Federal law for years.

A better choice would be encouraging your Dad to pay his grazing fees like everyone else so that there is no focus on him at all.


“….By the way, I think Mr. Hannity is more worried about his ratings than he really is about what my dad said.”
Her grasp of the obvious is amazing.


Not to mention that Cliven Bundy’s insistence that he should be able to graze cattle on federal land for free amounts to a massive claim for “welfare.”


Alright Ms Cox; let’s talk about your dad’s criminal mooching off government land.


Nobody forced your dad to talk into that microphone, Shiree.


Did she hear the comments?

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You see, Shiree, not everyone in the country agrees with you and your horrible family. And your repugnant racist views actually trump the foolishness you espouse regarding “land rights.”

Yeah, I don’t get it either, Shiree. Maybe your ignorant, vile old man needs to just shut the hell up and not go off on whether blacks were “better off as slaves, picking cotton” than “under government subsidy.” (Some would refer to it as Public Relations 101)


“It’s like their trying to throw us off the real subject. Why was this ever even brought up? What does this have to do with land rights issues?” she said in a Facebook post.

First of all, it’s “they’re”. Second, the reason people are bringing it up is because your father (the tree that your acorn did not fall far from) decided to volunteer his opinion that African-Americans in this country have two choices: slavery or welfare dependence. Don’t want attention? Don’t say something racist and stupid in the first place.

Cliven Bundy's Daughter Rips Fox News Host Sean Hannity

Bundy has 13 children. Can we multiply this by 13 over the next bazillion news cycles?

To paraphrase our President in a recent debate, “Please proceed, Bundy spawn.”


One of14 children discharging the content of their trash and dunce caps. This should be fun. Perhaps better than the Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney family saga.

ROTFLMAO I needed that howl this morning I really did.


Bundy’s Cousin knew he was a wackjob but no one in the Right WingNut media ever interviewed her.

That could have saved them a whole lot of trouble.

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HA HA HA HA HA! ha ha ha ha ha! What ye sow, so shall ye reap! I want to see Cliven tied to Republicans even tighter! WTH, they all agree with him, why not embrace him! Be loud and proud!


Hey, I’m quite as happy talking about Pappy’s whackadoodle sovereign citizen views, his lawbreaking, his ranch mooching off the government teat while other ranchers pay their grazing fees, or property taxes, and his ludicrous claims to “ancestral” land rights (as if the local indian tribes would’t have an even stronger claim).There’s so much low hanging fruit, it’s hard to know where to start. It’s like having 100 piñatas hanging from a tree… even blindfolded, you can’t miss.


Poor little Shiree. “They” didn’t bring it up, your daddy the welfare rancher did. And now he won’t shut up about it. She is correct though that daddy’s racism has nothing to do with his stealing.

But hey, ole Cliven luvs him some Mexicans!

I hope Hannity crawls back under his rock permanently, but as Jon Stewart pointed out, his hypocrisy has no limit. Who are you going to believe? Hannity or that lying video.


“If the media would just stop telling everybody the goofy stuff my old man was saying we could get back to stealing grass!”


Republican Bagger and Con circular firing squad!
Mmmmmm! Pass the popcorn.
I can’t stop laughing at these Rightie bloviating fools turning one on the other…LOVE IT!