Discussion: Clippers Owner Issues Statement: That's Not Who I Am

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mr. sterling, yes, it is who you are. otherwise, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.


Unless the tape is a forgery, then, yes, Mr. Sterling, that’s who you are.

And based on your history, that seems very much who you are. Plus being a disgrace and an embarrassment.


Next time you sit at courtside, I’d definitely recommend bringing an umbrella.


The full quote was: “That’s not who I am. Know what I’m sayin’?”


Didnt Eddie Murphy have this in one of his routines?

“Hey… wasn’t me.”

And the Supreme Court ruled this week that racism is “over” in America.


Ewww. Just as an initial, shallow, kneejerk reaction, sterling looks positively creepy to me.

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And that’s not a denial.


This NSA technology has gone too far. The man clearly has what informed spy watchers are calling the Bundy Chip. Implanted in his dental fillings, the Bundy Chip allows agents from the Albuquerque field office to make him sound like a Klansman on laundry day, at the click of a remote.


Sterling is a racist pig who not surprisingly also cheats on his wife and has now set up the girlfriend to be called a gold digger. Keith O. is on the record as to what he thinks of this pig.

“In 2009, Sterling paid a record $2.725 million to settle a housing discrimination suit brought by the Justice Department, which accused Sterling of systematically driving African-Americans, Latinos and families with children out of the apartment buildings he owned. Sterling was also sued unsuccessfully for racial discrimination by his former longtime general manager Elgin Baylor.”


It’s not even his statement, it’s a team spokesman.


Oh Mr. Sterling, you racist MOFO’! THAT is exactly who you ARE_____THIS feeble attempt to polish the hateful racist POS turd that is YOU actually reflects who you are as well, but the picture you’re painting now reflects, most assuredly, the picture of a person who you are not.

Glad to clear that up for you.
You’re welcome.


What does the girlfriend see in this creepy looking guy? Must be the big bucks and I am talking money.

Cliven Bundy thinks Donald is a bad-guy for paying “the Negro.”

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“That’s not who I am,” says the guy who’s been sued twice by the federal government for allegedly refusing to rent apartments to Blacks and Latinos.

That’s who you are, pal, it’s just not who you like people to think you are.


Even if this tape is a retaliation by a defendant being sued by the Sterling family, it is still relevant to his views on race. If it is indeed him on the tape, even if this was a lovers’ spat, the statements are racist. I cannot imagine being a black player on the Clippers. It is fine to earn him money - for that is indeed what they do. He comes off as if he is reminding her and, by inference “his” players, that they are the house ni***rs and that they should be mindful of their place.


I don’t care to rally around Ms Stiviano like a bagger to the Bundys, because something’s not right. The sugar daddy relationship is supposed to be what people snicker behind their backs, not what the old creeper tells her to her face.

“Mr. Sterling is emphatic that what is reflected on that recording is not consistent with, nor does it reflect his views, beliefs or feelings,”

Yeah, it’s just what he said. Repeatedly.

Pretty lame attempt at damage control.


I suspect the Clippers roster will look very different next year.