Discussion: Clinton's Current Popular Vote Lead Razor-Thin Compared To Past Four Elections

Maybe it is time to start using the popular vote instead of the electoral college. 2 elections in the last 16 years would have gone the other way- What about the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.


There is only way to describe that: The system is rigged.


Two million fewer votes in 2016 than 2008, despite a larger population? I will be interested to see the demographics for this decrease in various key states, but it seems our candidate may have underperformed in arousing the will of the people.

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the russkis did it. melania deep under cover.

So the article is framed as yet another criticism of Clinton–the problem is not that she won the most votes and is being denied what a mandate would require–it’s that she didn’t do well as yet ought.

This strikes me as a huge problem. The key to winning elections is how much I am aroused? Well then no wonder the reality TV stars wins the election.

I have been more or less excited, motivated, aroused by Democratic candidates for president, and while that affects how much I donate, or organize, it has never affected my propensity to vote. I go to the polls for all of them.

The biggest loser from Trump presidency is not HIllary Clinton. She is just fine. It’s the people who will be hurt. And at one point as a culture people are going to have to come to grips with that. No problems get solved in 4 years, even 8.


Looks like the plan to suppress voting by depressing everyone about the election worked like a charm…

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Simply there shouldn’t be an assumption that’ ‘King Mob’ can’t win the popular vote, were there a rematch.

That belief could be fatal.

It’s a bit of both, but this part is important.

Simply the RNC knew that if Trump was pushing 45% through the beginning until closing, then they were gonna close on top.

Which they did

2,103,941 is not razor thin, it’s 4x more than Gore had and 2/3 of Dubya’s 2004 margin.

Um… Why is this article still up? Danielle, did you not know that millions of votes were yet to be counted when you wrote this? Because as of right now, Clinton has 64,952,215 votes to Trump’s 62,562,364 votes. That’s a margin of 2,389,851 votes, putting her slightly behind Bush’s 2004 margin. Hardly “razor thin.” I appreciate that this chart was correct when created, but that’s a little like measuring a bathtub halfway through the filling, no?

Actually, no, and that’s one of the hazards of creating an article like this while votes are still being tallied. The turnout in 2016 exceeded the turnout in 2012 by, as of this writing, well over 5 million votes:

2012 - 129,075,630
2016 - 134,868,127