Discussion: Clinton's Closing Case: I Will Honor 'Awesome Responsibility' Of Being Prez

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Reading this has made me very verklempt particularly the mention of her mother. Would that she could be here to see this happen and see the US finally electing her daughter to lead this country…


Are you ready to rumble, HRC?

Tomorrow is just the beginning of the fight. Be strong!


Her closing message of unity and responsible leadership is working brilliantly against the unfocused, degenerate ramblings of Trump in the very final stretch.


"If you give me the honor of being your president, I’m going to do everything I can to get this country and everybody in it back up on our feet moving forward together."

Never, . . . never in the 16 months that the Donald has been running has he uttered anything remotely like this promise from Hillary Clinton. I seriously doubt that he has ever even considered what this means. I am fully confident that Hillary does as she has demonstrated such motivation throughout her career.

I look forward to Hillary’s success tomorrow and to addressing her as Madam President!


I have no idea what will bring some semblance of reasonable dialogue and respect for process back to the public sphere. The GOP has poisoned their own well, and it’s contaminated the watershed. But we do have to try, in some real way, to reach out to everyone. Somehow.


Here’s a final turd in the bowl from Kellyann.
Trump is charitable. In fact, his Presidential run is an act of charity.


Clinton 45: “We need more of two things right now. We need more love and kindness in America.”

The antidote to poison like Trump and his deplorable base.

OK, it’s corny, but I’ll go there…


I’ve been hoping for a long time to see this woman as my President.


MORE IMPORTANTLY…We’ve got your back, Hillary!


In her defense, Kellyanne looks really heavily medicated, so her usual word salad is even more tossed today…


Me too. I was just going to say something similar.

I have fallen in love with this woman over the course of this campaign. I think she is just amazing. I’ve never seen such grace under pressure and such strength. Obama had to work hard to get elected but I swear to dog nobody has ever had to go through so much on the way to the White House as Madam President Clinton.


I have to say I always admired Clinton for her intellect, work ethic, and emotional toughness. But that admiration has really, really deepened over the course of this campaign. Obama was sui generis, and I won’t bother comparing them. It’s more that you can almost watch her growing into the role. She knew she had to win this one, she understood the stakes better than any of us, and she reached down and found that strength. She deserves this. We just have to show tomorrow that we deserve her.


Which is her way of saying that Trump is going to claim the cost of the campaign as a charitable deduction on his taxes?


Thank you. Really well said.



LGB, I feel the same about my own mother. She passed 18 months ago. She would have been proud to vote for Hillary. She had a hard life but was the toughest, funniest, and hardest working person I’ve ever met.


If we’re going to talk about our mothers I’m going to break down and sob. It’s hard enough thinking every so often about all the I Voted stickers people have been putting on Susan B Anthony’s gravestone - that one makes me break down every time.

O man, this is going to be a wet election around here. It is only just now hitting me again that we are getting ready to elect the first woman president.

I didn’t think I’d see it.


Anyone want to explain to me why DT’s nasty, negative closing statement is the headline on TPM, and not this? Here it is: the microcosm of this entire election season and the more negative, bombastic, ridiculous story is chosen.


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Clicks = $$$$. I just hope everything is about Hillary on TPM tomorrow.

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