Discussion: Clinton: We Need To Address 'Systematic Racism' In Our Criminal Justice System

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I’m interested to learn more from her.

I listened to a NPR segment yesterday and heard Alicia Garvey say in no uncertain terms that she was offended by Hillary in a Q&A session and under no circumstances would she vote for her, even if Ted Crud was the GOTP nominee.

To me that’s troubling

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She’s an interesting character but she’s only one voice and one vote.

I watched the debate as well, and in addition to noting its almost surreal difference from the GOP debates, I truly appreciated the content of what was actually being discussed.

Regarding this question of systemic racism, I doubt I’ll change any minds that are dead set on seeing nothing wrong with the status quo, but reality is indeed depressing. And if it takes a presidential candidate (and hopefully a future president) to make some loud noises and even take action on it, even if just by hammering it into people’s heads that this would not be business-as-usual stuff if white men had been facing similar treatment, then hey, all the better.

It was also great that she reminded people that Governor Snyder for one would not have had the gall to do what he did to all those babies in Flint in a middle class majority white suburb and even think he’d get away with it. On that score, I do hope he and his cohorts will end up in jail, given that a group like Al Qaeda would have its members drawn and quartered for even thinking about poisoning the water system in an American town.

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Hillary is using the tactics she used against Pres. Obama…It was wrong then and is wrong today…

This needs to be addressed: