Discussion: Clinton: 'We Do Need To Listen To Those Who Say Black Lives Matter'

She listed the names of black Americans, including Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, who’ve been killed by police, noting that “no one” was held accountable in several of those incidents.

And then, according to tRump, Hitlery asked for a moment of silence in rememberance of Micah Johnson.


Candidate 1 bellows out bullshit and won’t let anyone else speak. Candidate 2 says “we need to listen.” Guess who most of the men are going for?


non-college educated men…



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Candidate 1 farts and it feeds a three day news cycle … but no one can explain how Trump is doing so good.

I’ve heard news pundits on the major cable networks talk about how good a week Trump is having because he’s slowed down his Twitter ranting and spoke in complete sentences … this is the fucking standard now?


It’s OK to listen, but they also need to be told that if black lives matter, then blacks need to stop taking so many of them.

Once the facts are on the table, maybe we can have a real discussion.

I don’t know how to have a conversation about how it must feel to live one’s whole life as a suspect, with people who treat every black man like a suspect.

The conversation has to take place entirely within the Democratic Party, because talking to Republicans is like clapping with one hand.


OH NO YOU DON’T. This is very specifically about the inordinate number of police shootings resulting in the deaths of black people. Don’t bring that “blacks shooting blacks” crap in this.


The hubris is strong with that one.

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So back in the 1960s when conservatives strongly resisted civil rights for blacks, they should have also told them about blacks shooting blacks before having a “real discussion”? Holy crap, what a disgusting false equivalency you have come up with regards to what is going on now.

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I think Trump will continue to try to exploit this and racial fears to try and solidify his “white vote”. This is and “Clinton liked about emails” are the only thing he has that might work for him to be competitive.

Ah yes, black-on-black crime is the issue as it relates to why cops kill an outsized portion of black people they see as “suspects” when it is clear that non-lethal force is what is called for.

You are as reptilian in your thinking as Trump is.

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Yes, we have to listen because ignoring BLM would be the very nature of the problem.

The point of BLM btw is not that black lives matter more, its that they matter equally as does all of life. They just feel like they are being treated with indifference and without the same concerns as the people that defile and murder them in the name of the law.

How can any rational and/or thoughtful person even begin to question why blacks have chosen to stand up and be counted and recognized. They are being slaughtered in the streets and in homes where they live for the crime of being black and unlucky enough to be near the wrong cop at the wrong time.

That they can remain calm and peaceful at all is a compliment to them and their effort. Losing family and friends at all is awful but having it happen because of raw hatred and racism and worst of all, by the very authority that is supposed to protect them, is maddening.
BLM is righteous and their movement is to be commended.

You know what else matters? Voting Democratic and in big ways, not least of which is having the BLM movement be more than recognized but acknowledged and having the desired changes made.
Only one Party will do that and all it takes is to do their civic duty, again.
Vote Democrat and help to promote their own cause, that’s a delicious twofer.


Of course. Right as the police were turning firehoses and dogs on black people for protesting to finally secure their voting franchise. Yes, this happened within my lifetime, but you see, it is the black people’s fault for being a little suspicious even though the facts show an outsized proportion of people killed by the police are black.

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