Discussion: Clinton Slams Trump's 'Inhumane' Proposal For 'Deportation Force'

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Clinton Slams Trump’s ‘Inhumane’ Proposal For ‘Deportation Force’

Is that what we see as a slam now? A one line tweet?


INHUMANE? It’s nOT LIke TRUMP is advocating Rounding UP A BUNCh of WetbackS AND DroppING THEM off in the MIDDLE of nowhere.


It’s up to you, H, the press ain’t gonna do it…


I guess you could say tRump has somewhat authoritarian tendencies. Of course, you could also say that, like most conservatives, he’s a barely disguised fascist. (BTW: What is it with fascists’ affinity for bad hair?)


Hillary you are on the wrong side of history.

The deportation of illegal aliens will create job openings for poor uneducated whites from the South in industries like pool cleaning, gardening and janitorial services in major centers like Los Angeles, Houston and Phoenix. These poor whites will quickly jump at the opportunity to work hundreds of miles from home at wages below the legal minimum with zero benefits.


First of all, Baggers have no sense of humour.

Second, what you are suggesting makes sense to them


Yes, and I’m sure our fast food restaurants will be immediately stocked with all those attractive white people we see working at them on TV, as well.


Sometimes, I get so sarcastic, I annoy myself. Just wanted to put that out there. Carry on.


Yeah, Anthony Bourdain already shit on that whole line of Conservatrash thought…

I just want to know if Drumpf’s deportative ‘security force’ will get jackboots, and a catchy name that can be condensed into two initials like “SA” or “SS”.


“The idea of tracking down and deporting 11 million people is…un-American.”

More like German.

Or Soviet.

Maybe Arizonan.


Does anyonelse find all this talk of a wall leave you thinking of East Germany’s wall?


Trump’s argument that “we’ve done it in the past, and America was great in the past (not now, of course, according to Trump), therefore doing it again would be great” is just laughably jingoistic and pat. In other words, exactly what we expect from Right Wing America.

I think Hillary is on the right track here, and frankly Trump’s supporters clearly can’t handle more than a tweet’s worth of information to begin with. But, I personally would love to see the full op-ed style takedown of Trump’s absolutely horrid line of reasoning here.

America should not define itself by the worst things it has ever done, but should define what we know to be right and just in today’s reality. We should not take the Trail of Tears as justification for displacing massive populations. We should not take the 3/5ths clause as justification for treating non-Europa Americans as worth less than their pigment-challenged neighbors. We should not take building the railroads on the backs of cheap Chinese laborers who were buried where they fell as justification for exploiting immigrants from poor nations and treating them like nonhuman machinery.

The closer one gets to the Conservative Id, the more one gets the impression that we’re talking to a psychologically damaged and troubled teenager. “Don’t let your mistakes in life define you; learn lessons from them and let those lessons guide you to do better.” Certainly sounds like the type of thing I’ve had to say to my teenagers several times (and slowly seems to be getting internalized). Apparently we need to say the same thing to Right Wing America.


I’m sure it gives that old chinchilla-wearing fuckstick a tiny little woody thinking about THE GREAT WALL OF YUGE stretching across MURKA’s now-SECURE BORDER, with a veritable bristling nest of MURKAN STEEL every 100 yards with orders to SHOOT TO THRILL at any WETBAXICANS coming within the DEATH ZONE.

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Is that what we see as a slam now? A one line tweet?

Given that “rails against” is apparently defined on TPM as a series of measured tweets, and “torches” as mild sarcasm, I’d say it’s appropriate.


The thing the disturbs me the most about Trump is this.

He knows that, should he get the G.O.P. Nomination and if the vast majority of Americans actually came out to vote, he would lose in a landslide of McGovern-esque propotions.

So he is basically saying:

"You people don’t have the will to vote against me.


He has also informed his own supporters: “Minimum Wage Increase is favoured by the majority of Americans, EVEN REPUBLICANS, I’m against it and you will STILL vote for me, you hillbilly fucks.”


“Deportation Force”. How far into facsim will he go before he drops out or is forced out of the race?


How far down the rabbit hole will the GOP follow his lead? Last night, with only a couple of “losers” calling for rational thought, Trump calls for a mass deportation and Cruz called for letting our financial system crash given another crisis. Is this what the GOP calls leadership? A Hitler like cleansing and a return to the gold standard?? When will the adults stand up?


Would it surprise you if I said Drumpf was thinking about growing a little mustache?

The “adult” should have been Andrea Mitchell last nite. And yet, I could discern no difference between her and G.O.P, honchos Steele and Schmidt. If anything, Steele and Schmidt were MORE critical of the G.O.P, than Mitchell!! :anguished: