Discussion: Clinton Seizes On Her Own Sick Days To Promote Paid Sick Leave

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Hee, hee, hee…
Brilliant (and not the Russian shiny kind).


Nice way to get back into the swing of things. Connect with the people, thank your lucky stars, and start kicking ass!


When new polls come out the first of next week, she’ll be doing fine, and after she cleans HO’s clock in the first (and possibly only) debate, Ho will be left in the polling dust.


She’s owning her illness. No apologies. Just turning it into a teaching moment and connecting with regular Americans. Really smart.


Am I just a fanboy with the unicorns and so forth if I say I’m really, really starting to like this person? She reminds me of all the tough, cool bosses I’ve had, female or male. Hard-working, smart, funny, and deep down with pretty much normal human values you can relate to and like. You can’t help compare her with the other, and of course that helps, but still, with all the stuff they’ve said about her over the years, she’s a more or less normal person and a pretty likable one there I said it.

Amen, brother!


Gawd she’s beautiful.


Well played, Madame Secretary. Well played. Now, please take better care of yourself. And, drink water!


A few years ago, I saw her up close and personal. She really is very pretty.


You go, girl!


Give 'em hell, HIll!


Hillary will be fine.

Let Trump get cocky and put his guard down. She’ll punch him so hard, he’ll turn another shade of red. Wine-red perhaps.


I hope after the first debate, Hillary comes out and says that Donald Trump didn’t look good at all. Glassy eyes, waxy skin, bloated, trembling hands…


Good for Hillary. Well played Madame Soon To Be President.


I’ve always thought she’s a beautiful woman inside out. Smart, thoughtful, no glitter whatsoever.

I some time ago saw even young deplorables (who don’t know her when she was younger) kinda like swooning seeing her old-day vids. Of course they still hate her and “swooning” is more like they were amazed how f***able she was when young…remember, they are deplorables. Nonetheless some of them seemed genuinely stunned.


A Front Aerial, followed by a Double Tuck, Triple Pike, Half Twist, Double Layout Full In/Full Out, Backward Handspring, and – I can’t believe it: The Triple Lindy! – culminating in a flawless dismount to the deafening cheers of spectators.

A perfect 10!

Except for that disappointing 3 from the East German judge…


This is smart, talking about her illness openly and tying it to family leave issues. People won’t quit talking about her health, so maybe thinking about the campaign made her realize she needs to let go of the tight hold she has and address this kind of stuff head on. If Hillary has a flaw it’s that she won’t open up and is always expecting to be attacked…it’s based on her decades of experience, so completely understandable, but to connect with people she’s going to have to let it go and relax more.


“I want you to think with me for a minute about how I certainly feel lucky, when I’m under the weather, I can afford to take a few days off,” she said. “Millions of Americans can’t. They either go to work sick or they lose a paycheck, don’t they? Lots of Americans still don’t even have insurance, or they do, but it’s too expensive for them to actually use. So they toss back some Tylenol, they chug orange juice and hope that the cough or the virus goes away on its own.”

“That’s why I got into this race. I am running for everyone working hard to support their families,” she added later. “Everyone who’s been knocked down but gets back up.”

No one can say anymore that Hillary can’t express why she’s running. Sure, she’s got ambition to be president but this perfectly encapsulates what she wants to do with that ambition.


Count me among those who have always loved her for what she has done, in AK, nationally and globally for women and child. She did this all with the dishonest, witchhunting Republicans nipping at her heels. Done with grace and courage-have admired her for a long time. Since I live in a crazy red state, the opportunites to see her have been limited but I did twice. Got a autographed book with a handshake.

I’ve ordered a yard sign, signed up to help get the vote out and can’t wait to cast my 3rd vote for her- 2 primaries and now the big deal.


Oh sure, now she’s shilling for Tylenol. Did they make a contribution to the “Foundation”?

And how do we know that she was really sick? Maybe she just faked it all so she could work this neo-Commie fascistic collectivist sick leave policy that will open the way to confiscation of children and DEATH PANELS for people with ingrown toenails!