Discussion: Clinton Says Trump Has 'Phony Strength' Not 'Real Strength' (VIDEO)

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DirecrtlY above her Pearl earring, jusT BArely coVered by her haiR iS What APpears to bE a chemo port.


The word that used to be used for people like Trumpf is blowhard.


Trump’s a bullshit artist. He’s got no facts, no truth, no skills, no talent, nothing but a never-ending river of pure, weapons-grade bullshit streaming out of his mouth.


This is why Clinton’s winning the college-educated voters. Her way of doing things is the way that tends to work.


Well, HRC is running a fact-based campaign and will lead a fact-based administration. So fact-based people obviously gravitate to her.


More like this please. The Emperor has no clothes; do we need a small child to make this point? He lies, he lies, he lies; how much is he really worth? How many “successful” businesses have declared bankruptcy four times? How many contractors has he stiffed? It truly is “…a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”


A pre-recorded interview, CNN? Weak, and definitely phony. You should’ve taken the time to highlight the REAL state of the candidate and photoshopped her onto a gurney, or at least into a vintage wheelchair. /s

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As in so many things, Shakespeare had Trump figured out four hundred years before The Donald first walked the Earth: “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
signifying nothing.”

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Her people have got to get better with their phrasing for her. She’s providing accurate information, but it can be said much better.

Instead of talking about Trump’s supporters being racists and haters, say Trump is appealing to racists and haters to vote for him.

Instead of talking about “phony strength” talk about “showing the weakness of a bully, who will only fight when he has the upper hand but runs away if he doesn’t.”

What’s up with the lack of functioning comments sections lately? Are opinions no longer welcome on TPM? Just wondering.

Ugh, “phony strength”, “real strength”? That campaign is so dismally unimaginative. While it is true, it’s stated so weakly, so blandly that nobody will care and nobody will take notice. She needs to get advice from Obama on how to skewer her opponent with words, because frankly, she sucks at it.


Trump plays his Male card, making empty boasts about his strength as a Man…

“So fact-based people obviously gravitate to her.”

Which definitely leaves out Chuck Todd who specifically said it is not up to him to separate facts from fiction.

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Tiny hands = phony strength.

The international community is going to have a field day with Hill. They will eat her lunch.

What’s sad is that she needs to say things like this.

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Grow up.

Yes, I noticed that too!