Discussion: Clinton Path To Victory Focused On Perennial Battleground States

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Pedal to the Metal, Madame President!

Push Dem voter registration, Dem voter turnout, and life is good for the next 8 years

Leave no GOP survivors…


Clinton Path To Victory Centers On Perennial Battleground States

Anyone else thinking they will win the Pulitzer this year had best start preparing for rejection now.


“If we don’t win here, I just don’t see how we win.”

Sez a repuke. Apparently he hasn’t heard of purging active voters and having daddy appoint the Supreme Court justices to shut down a recount of close votes. Course that’s a move Drumpf wouldn’t dare plagiarize.


The rats are preparing their jump


Thanks for the link, I especially enjoyed this quote:

"Do we run the risk of depressing our base by repudiating the guy, or do we run the risk of being tarred and feathered by independents for not repudiating him?” asked Glen Bolger, a Republican pollster working on many of this year’s races. “We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.”

In the timeless words of the great Simpsonian philosopher Nelson Muntz:



In the even more timeless words of Baby Jane Hudson: “But cha Are, Blanche…”


“I have states that no other Republican would do well in that I think I’m going to win,” Trump told The Washington Post this past week. “But I don’t want to name those states.”

Yeah, keep using that “keep 'em guessing” strategy, moron.


Off thread a bit, but this was the reaction from Trumps visit to Maine. He is without a clue, and has no hope of getting one electoral vote here. I am proud of our cities response to trumps hate of our immigrant population.


Apparently, Rump’s idea of “campaigning” is to go to various states and tell the locals that they’re living in a hell hole, overrun by bad people and only he can fix it/stop it.

A brilliant strategy if ever there was one…


“I have states that no other Republican would do well in that I think I’m going to win,” Trump told The Washington Post this past week. “But I don’t want to name those states.”

Once again, his obsession with unpredictability as some kind of one-size-fits-all tactical wisdom. Obviously he doesn’t know any such states, but let’s pretend he did. What possible value would there be in not firing up that state’s local party by saying, “we’re going after her in New York and Illinois!” When your job is to coordinate large groups of people, demonstrating that you think organizational skills are a liability is just plain bad!


Trump’s campaign has yet to run a single television ad and has made curious decisions about where to send its candidate.

That’s because he’s not running a campaign to GOTV, he’s running a campaign to generate controversy and fire up fear of pretty much everything. He doesn’t need to travel to battleground States when the news media covers his every fear laced tweet, burp, and fart.


Great name for a band…


“I have states that no other Republican would do well in that I think I’m going to win,” It must be the imaginary ones in his head. West Dakota, East Virginia, Old Hampshire, Dumb Phuckastan, Slovenia…


Hey, I hacked Donnie’s email. Here are his secret states.


“But I don’t want to name those states.”

I know one! He must be thinking of Maine!


Trump’s entire approach can only work with angry, racist morons. He has already used all of them up, but he has other mentality. The longer he campaigns in the way you perfectly describe, the worse he looks.


The overseas press is noticing. How soon will the U. S. press follow?


Well hey there hi there ho there, Donald, you stupid clueless beotch! I’m waving a big hello from here in the Philly burbs, which are famously key to winning Pennsylvania. Lotsa well-educated folks here, buddy, some of ‘em even went to Penn and fuckin’ well paid attention while they were there and learned something, go figure! Strange but true! Lots of the kind of well-educated voters who have their doubts, shall we say, about how exactly awesome you are. So much so, actually, that they came piling into the local Dem headquarters when it opened the other day! I was there and saw them! They lined up to give you a schlonging even your addled brain will never forget, you half-wit yutz! Have a nice day and be sure to hit that Twitter machine early and often!

Oh, and no matter how bad it looks for him, we’re coming at him hard from now until the polls close. Why? Because fuck that guy.


Wooooh. Marco Rubio has a campaign strategist named Ayres! Someone tell Sara Palin and Bill Kristol!!!