Discussion: Clinton Paints Picture Of 'Inclusive, Big-Hearted' America In Final Hours

Love trumps hate.


I love our country.


“I regret deeply how angry the tone of the campaign became.”
“Not your fault!” a member of the crowd shouted, to cheers. Clinton smiled.

This was really a great moment. People were responding to each line but this was loud enough to be right next to her. You could see Hillary sooo wanted to respond to it, but she smiled a big smile and let it hang there for a second.


We’re the positive party, gang. We’re the solutions-oriented party. Governing-oriented. Inclusive. Forward-looking. And the much, much cooler party. So I like our odds. And I really like Crisis Leader Hillary. She doesn’t scare. I like that. I really like that.


Off topic, but is recently-fired Democratic operative, Scott Foval (who got caught in James O’Keefe’s sting) mentally ill? He’s saying some really bizarre crap on Twitter and has come out in support of Trump. Link to his feed.


I love that HRC’s campaign ended on such a positive, hopeful note.

channels inner id/asshole

Now, I just want to watch her mop the floor with that fuckwad.

He may not go away, but after tomorrow (say about 8ish), he will be a LLLOOOOSSSSSEEEERRRRR!

goes back to being a mostly mature adult


And love hates Trump.


Early voting numbers in FL look really good. What is that rumbling I hear in the distance? Is that the start of a mini-landslide? Clinton 360! Senate to the Dems.


I knew it, as soon as the Dems smell victory they start telegraphing their weakness and obeisance to the GOP big daddy’s. We are at war folks, and the enemy is conservatism and the GOP. These people seek to nullify our democratic voice, it’s time to have as our goal elimination of their ideology in any realm of public service from the neighborhood watch to POTUS, not to start mewling about unity and togetherness. These people would just as soon send us all to the gas chamber, so let’s get real here okay? No compromise, no pardon, no excuses, the time for mealy mouthed liberalism has ended!!

If I want to hear such … I’ll tune in to Trump ----

Just listen to yourself ----

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Grow a pair for starters…Forget Trump look at what they are actually doing and accomplishing, nullification of our duly elected president, vote suppression, voter intimidation, racism, genderism, criminal levels of sexism…You live in the past, these folks seek nothing less that the overthrow of our democracy and way of life. They are the biggest existential threat our country has faced and you want to suck up to them, make nice. You won’t be saying that when they take you and yours to the ovens.


I know all that shit … And yes… it causes anger —

But there’s a STARK difference between what I choose to do with my anger… and their choice —

That is what makes us different —

I will not become what they are … VOTE … and go high —


Go high, but let’s not be doormats (or lick spittles) anymore, it’s time to drive the shiv home on this failed ideology and move into the future where unity and civility are possible among evolved participants. We did it to the Neanderthals, we can do it to the conservatives.

Agreed …

But let’s not “act” as they do while we make progress …

for that is the measure, of how we will be judged —

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time to drive the shiv home… We did it to the Neanderthals

Actually I think we made love to the Neanderthals. At least that’s what geneticists say.


I admire Hillary simply because she wants this job, especially after seeing it close up during her husband’s two terms as president. She saw a very atypical economy during Bill’s presidency. From March 1991 to March 2001 the US experienced its longest continuous expansion. Even though the dot.com bubble burst already in 2000, Bill escaped largely unscathed. Similarly, Obama has presided over a long recovery, which has seen steady reductions in unemployment and a restoring of fiscal balance of the country. Financial markets are in reasonable shape and a modicum of bank regulation has been restored after the repeal of Glass-Steagall. Nevertheless, she enters office with the high risk of a financial shock or crisis in the coming years. The shock may even be external, such as debt problems in China, political strife in Brazil, a bank collapse in Central Europe, or chaos in Nigeria. And there’s always the Middle East. When the shock from external crises comes onshore, it becomes clear that she also is de facto the president of the world.


I’m reminded of a quote from Ghengis Khan: “The Greatest Happiness is to scatter your enemy and drive him before you. To see his cities reduced to ashes. To see those who love him shrouded and in tears. And to gather to your bosom his wives and daughters.”
Genghis Khan

It’s a fake account. Only started in September. He deleted his account just after the video came out, here’s the last capture of it (his Twitter handle was @scottfoval, not @Scott_Foval):

OT but I think it’s appropriate for the end of the campaign. A colleague pointed out today the following testimonial. I knew about Clinton’s work on children’s welfare and education. Still a detailed account by one of many who benefited from her work is different than abstract knowledge. In addition, the effect felt even more real because I happen to know one of the people on the list near the end of the testimonial.