Discussion: Clinton On Trump's Russian TV Hit: His Isn't A 'Serious' Prez Campaign (VIDEO)

I saw the video. Her answer was very impressive demonstrating complete command of the issue.

And she even smiled in the beginning…probably for idiots like Priebus.


Presidential, that’s what she is. Knowledgeable, thoughtful.

And then there are the millions of our fellow citizens who believe it would be a good thing to put Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

Please, reader, do all you can to elect her President, and to give the Democrats control of the Senate and increase seats in the U.S. House and state legislatures. Please.


Donnie Drumpf is doing everything possible he can to throw the election, his supporters are just too dumb to figure that out.

To the rest of us, its clear as day.


Speak for yourself, not me.

Go whack off to thoughts of your heroes, Omahummer


HRC: “It is beyond one’s imagination, to have a candidate for president praising a Russian autocrat like Vladimir Putin.”

How do most military experts describe the Trump Doctrine for maintaining peace in a post-Soviet world?

To paraphrase Bush 41: “Schlock and Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”


Donnie likes to use music to set his tone and bring out his message.
Here is my suggestion for him : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOAtz8xWM0w


I’m noticing a shift-- probably because the Matt Lauer idiot fest has finally shamed them into doing their actual job. I think the press availability will help her showcase herself and retake momentum.

Speaking of coverage-- Clinton was hosting a national defense/foreign policy summit today. Perhaps we could get a write-up? Anyone??

One last note – I saw an article today saying that between 60-75% of ballots in swing states will be cast by Nov.90 9. So, whoever has the best ground game wins. I wonder which candidate has the advantage there …? :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


So glad he is out there talking to the press! She is incredible and we need to see and hear her every frickin’ day. Not really sure why she avoided this other than avoiding email questions…? maybe they will eventually get tired of asking the same questions over and over. So sick of the insanity that is trump trump trump.


I think they’re tired of those questions-- there is nothing there. NADA. ZIPPO. Meanwhile, Donnie is doing everything but making out with Vlad The Terrible. Don is lying through his teeth about not knowing he was going on RT. I think the MSM is finally getting its act together.


I get the sense she is already acting and talking as POTUS. It suits her perfectly.


Hashtag of the day is #LaueringTheBar with the message: Don’t quit your Today job.

Edit: California’s not a swing state but our voting begins October 10, so the window’s closing for HO to become presidential.


3 pressers in one week is the media satisfied yet?


We can only hope you are right!


What I want to know is, if Drumpf adores Putin and Russia so much, why doesn’t he take Ivanka, Grimsley and Ghastley along with their families and just move there? It doesn’t have to be a long distance romance.


“It’s not a serious presidential campaign”

OH Sadly, sadly yes it is -
it is like all the schlock ‘reality TV’ is disgustingly “Real Television”
… and just like the WWE makes real money pretending to be real ‘sports’
this is the current ‘reality’ and Hillary - you need to start breaking his bones & brutally exposing him as utterly treasonously incompetent - it has to be mega blunt !

Trump is gambling that there are enough fools & tools… enough tasteless idiots + greedy upper crusters + bigoted self serving pigs + wild-eyed right wing nut jobs + and pure lunatics who believe a dictatorial madman like Trump will stomp on the people that they hate and leave them alone … enough to get him into office … and if not to get in … enough to enable him to build a new empire.

Trump is a bigger ignorant ill-equipped fraud than Warren Harding -


Well, that’s like poking a rabid skunk with a pointed stick.

He’ll snap back in an ugly fashion.


Didn’t I read somewhere Obama is going to start campaigning it seems he has the ability to rattle Donnie.


He does it so well, he and Elizabeth Warren should go on tour together.