Discussion: Clinton On FBI Looking At New Emails In Server Case: 'There Is No Case Here'

Comey: I decide if there is a case or not, even though I closed the case.


In another scenario Hilbert Clinton (Hill’s male doppelganger) would have been a lot more believable.

Hilbert has an I.Q. of 92…

  • but he’s 6’3"
  • he still has his hair
  • he looks very commanding
  • he has a deep rich voice

And would have polled 90% among GOP men…80% among GOP women…and 100% among Independents.

edit…110% among Independents (he’s pro-weed)


It is nice to see a Democrat who doesn’t wilt continually.

But whatever oppo research Hillary is sitting on needs to be fired out of that cannon already. I know some of her Senate compatriots never figured this out, but dry powder is useless if it’s never used.


She’s right. I wish someone on our side would bring up the Bush White House’s actual criminal destruction of 22 million emails they had stored on the RNC’s private server. During a very, very consequential moment in our national history, too, what with the thousands killed on Bush’s watch during 9/11, the phony drum beat to war with Iraq and the secret Cheney energy committee… Enough of this lopsided attack on anyone of a liberal bent who has our nation’s best interests at heart instead of the 1%'s


sorry, I have no idea about what you are saying…

Male Chauvinism.


Plucky mentioned on another thread an observation by E.J. Dionne to the effect that this may well be in the offing and soon.


They don’t need to even touch ol’ dimbulb Bush.
Trump has enough transgressions I’m sure that they are waiting to unleash.

If there is one thing Hillary does not do, it’s wilt. Ever. That’s why I think she gets so much flak for being cold, because she isn’t at all - but she is steely strong.


Trump does not realize how stupid he appears when he continues to beat on this dead horse. Bernie had it about right when he said he didn’t want to hear any more about Hillerys fu**ing e-mails.

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WTF crime does anyone think she committed? It has still never been made clear to me.

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I have absolutely no idea and I never have either.


They’re looking for the email that says :smile:

“To AlQaeda : Kill my friend Ambassador Stevens & a couple of Navy Seals if you could.”



P.S. Allah Akbar !

Or, more likely, sexy time talk that proves she’s a lesbian.


Meanwhile, back at comey’s office at the fbi, "let’s not release any facts about trump and his russia backers…since it’s too close to the election! You just can’t make this shit up!


This email thing is plain stupid. There is no historical right way to handle email because its not been around long enough. I don’t know why they decided to set-up a private server. I wish they simply used the .Gov email for work and kept all the other stuff separate. Probably so Hillary only had to carry one Blackberry. I still have never heard a logical argument that points to this being a crime or proof of trying to avoid record keeping. I guess when you’ve had a target on your back for 25-30 years you become suspicious and careful. I think this could be explained as a smart thing if you phrased it right. I really think that some of the daily discussion of formulating policy as a work in progress should be protected speech and not everything should be in the public record. If the boss is not mad about it (Obama) who cares.

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Our government has seriously antiquated computer systems. There are systems in the Department of Defense that still use 8 inch floppy drives that hold less than a megabyte of data, and that format became obsolete circa 1981. Old computer systems plague every department in Washington.

Hillary Clinton likely set up a private email server, as had several of her predecessors, because she wanted to get work done sometime in this lifetime.


I’m afraid that what I said about Donald Trump addressing the sexual assault issue applies equally to Hillary Clinton addressing the e-mails issue.
Every day she has to do that is a losing day for her campaign.

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What exactly did the FBI find on this Huma/Weiner laptop? It seems implausible that even between the two of them they would store 650K emails on a single laptop. So how did the FBI “find emails” “on” it? Did Huma use a desktop email client like Outlook to download half a million emails from four different web-based accounts onto a shared laptop she may not have used much and leave them for 3 to 6 years, then withhold the device from law enforcement?

Or did she use the laptop to check her email accounts but still manage them on-line, and occasionally print material for HRC, without storing emails or work documents? Did the FBI’s meta data/forensic analysis reveal that Huma used the laptop for that very purpose, which included emailing accounts on the HRC server? And now they want to analyze every email Huma and Weiner ever received or sent to see if she withheld anything? Are those really “found emails?”

I agree with most of what you wrote but I wish there was an elegant way to explain that to people who don’t know what an email server is. I do know. I’ve been setting up servers for nearly 30 years. I think the average dumb-ass thinks an email server is a guillotine or a weapon of some sort.