Discussion: Clinton On ‘Apparent Terrorist Attacks’: We Must ‘Choose Resolve Over Fear’

We Must ‘Choose Resolve Over Fear’

Why? Fear sells much better than resolve, and America’s media have long since shown that they are only interested in making money, even if America burns to the ground.

“It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS,”
– Les Moonves, CEO of CBS


Why? Fear sells much better than resolve,

…and hate, hate sells well too!


Resolve? The left can’t even call it a terrorist attack. An apparent terrorist attack, an alleged terrorist attack, potentially a terrorist attack, etc…

Political Correctness will be the death of us all.

It’s amazing how some folks are so easily prone to panic, while others actually wait for the facts, so they can choose a logical course of action and response, like actually identifying / apprehending the perpetrators.


Panic is more popular.

People love drama, it makes their lives feel more exciting and important. Freaking out is FUN!


Ah yes, if only we just screamed Islamic Terrorist at every opportunity, then the problem would be solved.

Better yet, let’s just send self-satisfied “I called it before the news” tweets and speechify about “we have to get tougher” (whatever that means) because: squirrel!


I wonder what Donnie’s perspective would be if Timothy McVeigh were around today and blew something up?
Ban white Christian veterans from being in Murika?


Yes, because somehow using the right magic words will make it stop. Sometimes I think the Right confuses foreign policy with their own sexual proclivities. Sorry, but there are no safe words.

Right, because calling half of Trump’s supporters “a basket of deplorables” was so hurtful and should be condemned.


Choose resolve?

Maybe it’s time we tell our government to stop invading and occupying other countries! If we don’t want thousands and thousands of immigrants then the 1st step is to stop the wars in other countries.

Remember WW II, Remember Korea, Remember, Vietnam, Remember Iraq, Remember Afghanistan!

Whenever we impose our imperialistic ways on others via our military, we always end up with thousands of immigrants from those countries! THINK America! That massive military comes with a price: huge deficits and thousands of immigrants!


Bullshit, and it stinks on ice.

You don’t have an honest bone in your body.


Bring back Bernie before it’s too late!

Bernie was the real primary winner!

Bernie would mop up Trump with his pinky finger!

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Grow the fuck up.


And yet, the FBI, under Obama’s leadership, has managed to lose less people to terrorists than the Republican president before him and managed to identify the perpetrator of this incident in less than 48 hours, all without invading another country under false pretenses. Sit your ass down.


Why can’t she talk plainly? ‘we must be tough, folks’ works so much better than ‘we must choose resolve.’ which i don’t even understand, and i am a supporter. i know Trump is full of it, but she keeps abandoning the field to him by refusing to use short, clear language, transitive verbs, etc. Not all political phrase-making or sloganeering is wrong, after all.


If this attitude is prevalent in the media, we are so fucked.

We won’t even get a kiss afterwards.


Remember the Lusitania, Remember the Maine, Remember the Alamo.

Tho the last was actually the Texican’s rallying cry rather than the United States proper.


You really are an ignorant fool.

“Remember WWII” and then “whenever we impose our imperialistic ways” . That right there shows you are to brain dead to even follow your own slogans.

Why don’t you take some time and read up on this history of WWII. America didn’t invade countries to “expand our imperialistic ways”…we liberated and defended countries that were being invaded by dictators with imperialistic dreams" In fact, the major point of contention with England through out the war, was we were NOT going to help them hold on their dying empire.


You can call people whatever you want. But the verbal gymnastics that the left undertakes to not say Radical Islamic Terrorism is a problem, is going to get that IDIOT Trump elected.

We are well and truly fucked. I switched over to “Not my job” Todd yesterday when he had Tim Kaine on, every question was framed in some form of “how can anyone trust her” innuendo.
Fucking sad.