Discussion: Clinton Mostly Ahead In New Batch Of Swing State Polls

I live in central/southern Ohio, it feels like we’re slowly being annexed by West Virginia. Every summer there’s more confederate flags, the accents get thicker, and the skin gets thinner.


Very relieved to see this, especially for Pennsylvania. I live in the Harrisburg area, but stayed in upper Dauphin County two weeks ago. I saw Trump signs in yards, which is to be expected in that area. I happened to meet a woman in a coffee shop who is working for the Dauphin County Committee for Hillary. She was doing voter registration at a large fair in the upper county and was appalled that the Democratic Committee was selling Hillary yard signs for $5.00 apiece. Huh??? At the same fair, the Trump people were set up at the entrance, giving away yuuuge Trump signs. If I went by what I saw, I’d believe that PA was going big for Trump. Nowhere have I seen yard signs for Hillary. I’ll be in Massachusetts next week and should see visible support for Hill. Thank goodness for TPM and the commenters here, as well as other sites I read all the time.


Actually, Southern Ohio, particularly the South Eastern portion, has almost always been that way. There are patches elsewhere. I have not seen has many flags, at least not consistently.

Really, if you see any map of the state with how they vote there are only a few points of blue, population centers, and the rest is red. Just the way it is really. I usually thought they were reasonable conservatives for the most part, but that seems to not be the case this year.

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Don’t count on Ohio going for Trump. Hillary’s support in Cleveland, Toledo. Cincinnati, and other large urban areas (and their suburbs) is solid, and without Ken Blackwell moving voting machines out of these areas, Trump’s support in rural Ohio will not be enough.


can’ say i understand whats with Ohio any input from anyone?

Can’t say ‘OHIO’ without HO, that’s all I got.

As someone just said on TV, Trump became addicted to making money from business losses and this has been the golden goose that keeps giving. The 'genius" declared a loss of nearly 1B in 1995 but he also declared bankrupt two more times even as late as 2009. Genius?? really??? how about super predator con?

There’s no way the Garbagy Old Psychopaths could save themselves in the event that HO dropped out at this point, right? If I understand correctly, even assuming they managed to get rid of him and Pence had a fighting chance by not being Deadbeat Donnie, different states have different rules about how the electors can vote in a situation like that.

Just thinking through nightmare scenarios.

Clinton led in Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania polls from Quinnipiac University, as well as a North Carolina poll from Bloomberg Politics.


Ok, well done, now let’s ratchet up resources on the Senate races to give Madame President the support she will need.


Shwing Shwing vote?

Make Florida HUGE - build the advantage every day! pound this point relentlessly


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Just donated $220 (from Texas) to Maggie Hassen after reading about the NHsen debate… I may not have the time to canvas, but I’ll keep giving all the resources I can!

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heard that Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) said she thinks Republican nominee Donald Trump is a good role model for kids ???

he should be kept 2000 yards away from all children. Think about what this monster has already exposed children to - -

Disparage Women
Call women fat
Insult minorities
Mock the handicapped
Be massively rude and insult people
Disrespect the President of the United States
Lie,lie,lie, lie, lie
Cheat on your spouse
Sneak a way to break the law by pursuing business in Cuba
break your promises
Lust after girls who are under 18 - even as young as 12
be viciously mean, and rude to the parents of a dead soldier
Blatant racism

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Keep in mind as well, Quinnipiac has been generally a few points more favorable to Trump this cycle than other polls. So this could be even better news.

I wouldn’t put it past Trump supporters to vandalize cars with Hillary stickers.

Did he get the inspiration for his business model from “The Producers”?

I believe you’ve found WV’s new business recruitment slogan - “The accents get thicker, the skin gets thinner.”

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