Discussion: Clinton Knocks NC GOP's ‘Underhanded' Effort To Restrict Voting Rights

Nice work, HRC. Maybe if she hammers on this subject, the NYT might start talking about the “clouds” and “uncertainty” and “new questions” raised by GOP voter disenfranchisement.


Hey, I’d be happy if the Raleigh News Observer started something. The old grey lady don’t go south of the Mason Dixon line.

Instead, the NO focuses on this bullshit. North Carolina deserves McCrory.

EmailGate and the Mystery of the Missing GAMMA

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If your potential to be elected depends on depriving people their right to vote, then you are morally repugnant and probably wrong on policy issues as well.


NC and SC seem interchangeable. Many NJ people who moved to NC can’t be too thrilled about this development.

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McCrory: Clinton is mad because she needs to show her birth certificate when she goes to the bathroom in NC. Bathrooms are sacred institutions and you need approval from non-trans, anti-LGBT Jesus.

To be fair, the article was written as an editorial by a guy with a real fondness for acronyms and putting dickpics on the internet. So I wouldn’t worry too much about the N&O going batshit.

Fair enough, but it’s been a while since I’ve been a regular reader of the N&O.
Where do they stand on all the GOP voter fraud in NC?

She’s never going to win if she keeps making sense like this.

more mouthbreathing, more angry tweets, more word salads flecked with spittle and venom. Apparently it puts bums on seats and voters in booths and make reporters go weak at the knees.

They’ve come down hard on the GOOPers for voter suppression, illegal gerrymandering, and the gov’s recalcitrance in blocking the correctives ordered by the 4th Circuit.

All in all, I’d say they’re still worth checking in on.

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The North Carolina law was so surgical it could have been titled the “Working N****rs Don’t Need To Vote For Democrats” Law. Hardly anything as extreme in the country. North Carolina should be ashamed.

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