Discussion: Clinton Holds Double-Digit Lead Over Sanders In National Tracking Poll

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Waiting for the drama. Must. Keep. Hillary. Happy!

It’s her party, right?


Oh wait, what?


yeah, but look at the trajectory… steady decline for clinton; steady incline for sanders. imagine, just a month ago she was leading by 20pts (and even higher late in 2015).


@enon. Yes indeed. A picture’s worth a thousand words. The graph for sure provides the most telling commentary here.


Once again, I have a question about the choice of the news you choose to allow readers to see.

This is a non-story. Let’s see what happens after NH.

OTOH, yesterday the Director of the FBI CONFIRMED they are investigating Clinton’s server.

Now she may know someone at the bureau, but one might think it calls into question how she could possibly be 100% certain they will find nothing, particularly given her email instructing her staff to strip the security headings and send stuff non-secure.

To me, given the political season we are in and the claims she has made, this seems to be reasonably significant news.

The FBI is not a right-wing conspiracy. It’s a serious issue that we all should be concerned about - whomever you support.

This was published yesterday

If I missed it on TPM, I will humbly apologize.


Well as I said, I am on the fence. I like both candidates and will support either one, but this FBI story is just confirming they were investigating her server. I believe her that nothing untoward will be found. She is way too smart and careful to have sent classified documents.

However, her campaign is having its problems for sure but I woke up this morning and if you listen to the talking heads, she is done for,kaput and we might as well give up.

The MSM really are disgusting.


Please send me a link I can relate to, The Hill is a right wing shill


Don’t turn on the MSM because it’s all over for HRC according to them


With a lot of the press slanting the news it’s hard to see what will happens–
when the NYT’s front page “news story” about NH says that "Hillary Clinton made the dubious claim that Sanders took money from big banks. Sanders says she is lying, one wonders at press neutrality and accuracy.

It was Bill who mentioned the CNN video showing Sanders fundraising for the DNC with fat cats, and then getting money from the DNC for his own campaigns.


Don’t turn on the MSM because it’s all over for HRC according to them

Meh…pay no mind, they’re just desperately trying to fill the “newshole” while waiting for the NH results. Meanwhile, they’re doing Hillary a favor by “lowering expectations.” At this point, If she loses by “only” 9 points, that whole narrative of “Hillary on life support” could change in an instant to Hillary “won” and Bernie’s campaign is "over. Or if she loses by 11, they may stick with “Hillary despondent, Clinton campaign in disarray.” Both will be equally meaningless in one sense, and yet could have profound effects on how the media covers the story going into NV and SC.

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This is funny because Sanders supporters have been inundating the NYT for months with complaints that they are not covering Sanders. They just assume that Sanders has no baggage. Maybe the NYT has been doing them a favor. I mean, a lot of the “baggage” is stuff that in a sane world would not be controversial, like visiting the Soviet Union. But a habit of expropriating logos of organizations to make it seem like they endorsed you is the action of a hard boiled politician. Likewise, the fund raising and no doubt lots of other things. All garden variety stuff for politicians, but not so much for the Messiah of the Coming Political Revolution.


The link was in my original comment, but here it is again.

Actually, I’ve found the Hill to report the news in a fairly straightforward manner. I think rollcall.com is a right-wing site. Took a while to figure out which favored which party, but The Hill is definitely more favorable to Dems.

Yes, days after he got married and had been elected mayor, he spent his DREAM HONEYMOON in the Soviet Union visiting the sister-city to Burlington. Sure beats the Caribbean.

You nailed it. Got so sick of the over blown pearl clutching going on at MSNBC last night I turned it off. Filling the drama hole is a full time job for pundits these days.

As I understand it the fund raisers for the DSCC that Sanders participated in drew a few hundred thousand dollars, whereas the DSCC gets millions from voters like me and you. Sanders more or less has to help the DSCC raise money or he will be frozen out completely. So yes, he got some money from the DSCC, but only a small part of it came from the finance industry. Unlike she whose name shall not be mentioned.

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25 yrs. of investigations, negative ads and media mud slung at her and she’s still getting 50% +; now look at Bernie: NOT ONE SINGLE DOLLAR of negative ad against him, promising a pain-free utopia, and GOP and media salivating over him (for now, dopes) still can’t get him above 40%.

There are three types of people who are pushing the Bernie kool-aid right now: 1) true believers, 2) media and 3) GOP establishment. Only one of these groups will still be there when they take down Hillary…what do you suppose the other two groups REALLY want?


Yup, it’s nuclear-level false equivalency. But I welcome it, as it shows that Bernie’s messages on campaign finance and Wall Street are resonating, and this has Team Hillary worried.

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Yeah, I tweeted bill this morning (not expecting a response!) and asked if you get money from the DNC, which is the money Sanders received (I think I read ~$200k), whether you know the specific donor. If not, I don’t see any possible quid pro quo.

Then again, I’m not sure this will fly either. $200k (if that’s the number) vs. $150 million (that definitely is the number) since 2001 to the Clintons from corporate America.

I’m sure they’ll be digging furiously and the R’s will pull no punches. But there’s no one they love to loathe more than Bill and Hillary, so I’m not sure which is the lesser (or greater) problem.

Actually, if you look at his record as Mayor, I really don’t know how you can possibly say that. Are you implying that he was for state control and ownership of all industry and commerce? I’m sure they’ll make the Commie charge - have already seen it in the comment section in WaPo and Politico, for goodness sake. Actually, Claire McCasckill (sp?) has already gone there and she hasn’t seem to have made much impact with it. Multiply that by $1 billion in the R warchest, maybe it will make a difference. But imagine $1billion spent on Hillary. It’s a toss-up and we won’t know the answer until it happens.

But I just don’t see how they a make commie charge stick with people in the middle who do one iota’s worth of thinking. Young people like socialism, according to the polls I’ve seen.