Discussion: Clinton Hits Trump Over 'Weak Excuse' That 2005 Tape Was 'Locker Room Talk'

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Trump “pervert on the bus” tape really, really offended a lot of women who had (I guess) not noticed before what a sexist sleaze he is. Better late than never, I guess.

What I (a woman) find particularly heartening is how many men are finally expressing their own outrage, proclaiming that “not me, not any of the guys in any of the locker rooms I’ve been in.” Good. It’s a bout time. Better late than never, I guess.


“That’s because I meant ‘Lock Her Room,’” Trump responded in a taped video. “You know, the room I lock up women in.”

A scuffle and unintelligible comment could be heard off-screen in the tape, followed by Trump replying, “What? What do you mean that’s worse?”


Congressional candidate in my district put together a new ad—Trump’s “banter,” and her opponent supporting him and saying how he’ll make America great again. Then “This guy, wrong for women, wrong for etc. etc.” A little cut-and-pastey in stylistic terms but still, it’s cool that downticket folks can take Trump and whack their opponents with him. Rock and a hard place, GOP. Tough and too bad.

The opponent actually denounced the actual stuff in the video when it came out, but everyone did, didn’t they? They all tutted disapprovingly. I have a wife! I have daughters! This is appalling! Of course I still endorse him!

Anyway, just a little election-news dispatch from SE PA.


And the rethugs with their bathroom bill in NC were so “concerned” about women being assaulted.


Trevor Noah did an excellent job of hitting Trump hard on this subject last night.

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Please! Mr. Trump and his mates were just engaging in a little lighthearted post-sport locker room banter.

…and bikinis, lots of bikinis, and NDAs–file cabinet worth of NDAs!


Guess there won’t be a President Pervert…

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Samantha Bee kicks ass and takes names again! And yea, that wasn’t locker room talk, that was Donald Trump describing his life no matter what room he’s in.


And Ivanka apparently likes her father’s ‘piece of ass’ remark.

Ivanka, it’s not OK to be sexually demeaned in public by anyone, let alone one’s father. Get help.

Trump could apologize until the cows come home and it would never be enough for the deviant hypocrites who lurk within the Democratic Progressive Party. They give Bill Clinton a pass, say it’s just sex, but no way for Trump.
Hillary and the Dems want open borders, global control and normalization of perversion and they have the full media establishment covering for them. It’s like a sick joke. The only good thing to come out of this debacle of an election is the comeuppance Republicans will surely get for their many years years of being A-holes. Had they worked together with Obama to fix the economy, things might be different.

In addition to the fact that I have never heard anything close to this level of callousness in “locker room talk”, I have also never heard anyone mention furniture shopping as a way to impress your mates. Makes me think the stories are true.

Yes. What I ALSO find ‘heartening’ is that they not only don’t talk like that but they recognize that ‘grabbing her p*’ against her will is not just ‘talk’ but sexual violence.

I have rubbed elbows with a lot of foul mouthed men who never would be disrespectful of women. Putin’s puppet has insulted men by claiming to be just one of the boys. He apparently has a pretty low opinion of the human race.

So here’s a crazy idea - Why did Hillary ease up on Trump in the last hour of the debate. She clearly won it but didn’t put her foot on his throat which she could have done. I think that she wanted him to do better than in the first debate so the fracture in the GOP would get worse. If he had done terribly then he might have been pushed out. Now they can’t do that and the downballot races will suffer as a result. The downside of gerrymandering is that once the water climbs just high enough all of the seats being won with 53 or 54% of the vote all come crashing down at once. If Trump keeps eviserating the party from the inside the water level might just rise high enough for a landslide loss for the GOP in the house.


I think you win the interwebs today,

Maybe it’s locker room talk for privileged Republican white males at country clubs. Which is why the professional athletes and regular men say they have never heard this kind of talk in the locker room. It takes place where people like Trump and Billy Bush hang out, very privileged and exclusive! And all those morally bankrupt Republicans still standing behind Trump know this.

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You need to tighten up your tinfoil hat; it’s slipping off. Got any more false equivalencies? And again, Bill Clinton is not the one running for office, it’s his wife. Please slink back to your basement, Mommy is microwaving more Hot Pockets.

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Pretty simple way to settle this: Did he take that married woman furniture shopping or not. Did she buy a chair? If so, her pussy was grabbed.