Discussion: Clinton: George W. Bush Was Right That 'We're Not At War With Islam'

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I agree with Secretary Clinton’s - and President Bush’s and Obama’s - point. And I’ve long felf the conservative obession with not saying “radical islam” is opportunistic b.s.

But I will say this. We are not at war with all of Islam. But it doesn’t help any of us that Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are funding, or allowing their citizens to fund, radical Islamists. An issue, as Charles Pierce pointed out earlier today, Sec. Clinton raised back in 2009.

That connection is one we have to be braver about laying bare, along with putting more pressure on the regional states to own this secartian conflict with our support. Starting tomorrow, with Turkey at the G20.


Clever. Bush and his enablers were lying, but still clever.


I’m reminded of the old Casey Stengel quote:
“The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate me away from those who are still undecided.”

FWIW- I never liked the term “Christofascist”, either.

This was not a good moment in what was the worst part of the debate for all the Dems. This whole piece came across as trying to play semantics (which they were) on an issue that is going to be front and center for rest of the campaign.

GWBush announced US efforts as a crusade, a war against Islam.
Words matter and invoking what many interpret as “onward Christian soldiers” to “justify” his shock & awe™ campaign is nothing more than provocative behavior, the same as any iman railing against the Wall Street devils.

ISIS declares themselves a State. Islam has over 1 billion followers all over the world. So in a sense these folks are claiming Islam a State and if we fall into this trap then we are at war with a Billion people in every country in the world, or at war with ourselves.

Which is what they want.

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Does this mean she’ll never be allowed on Real Time?

That’s one thing correct for dummy Bush and the list goes on of the wrongs.