Discussion: Clinton Campaign Touts 99 Percent Increase In Latino Early Voting In Florida

The Latino voter upsurge in early voting and intent to turnout not only in Florida but across the country exemplifies an enthused and energetic trend in the party base, a foreshadowing of the wave to come.
~fingers crossed!~
America’s ‘Best Christian,’ Betty Bowers knows it time to choose. No more “undecided”!


“There’s nothing about that number that’s not a big deal,” Democratic
consultant Steve Schale said. “Florida does report exactly who votes
every day, so those numbers are accurate.”

All smiles here.


Excellent news, but the real question is how big an increase in total Hispanic voting this represents, and how much is due to some voters simply shifting their voting from election day to early voting.

Being married to a Mexican-American woman who despises Trump with an intensity that outweighs even mine, I would hope her feelings are matched by Hispanic voters all over the country. It’s hard for me to imagine not voting, but voting is a habit that’s highly subject to prevailing social, educational, and financial conditions.


Estás despedido!

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Minorities in general tend not to vote until Election Day," Parra told TPM. “The fact that people are turning out earlier tells you that people are more attuned to the election and everything that’s happening.”

These past few months I’ve been surprised to learn that many Oregon Latinos do not vote at all. And it’s often a touchy subject to broach with them. Many don’t believe that America’s politics have anything to do with them or will do anything for them.


As Uncle Joe would say, this is a BFD.

Mind you, all you have to do is listen to or watch radio or television aimed at Latino voters and you would see this has been a big push since the first time Trump uttered the phrase that Mexicans are rapists. Univision alone has been working a massive voter registration effort. It appears to be paying off.

This is also yet another reason why the Dems need to put more money behind Murphy to beat Rubio…the votes ARE THERE.


No fair!

Democrats are rigging the election by getting the people attacked by Trump to vote! And they’re doing it by early voting, before we can organize to intimidate them! Such a nasty woman! It’s completely unfair and rigged, I tells ya!


Vote now, vote now, where ever you are
and defeat the orange fiend who fell from a tower…


People turned out in Texas in unprecedented numbers to vote yesterday - the first day early voting in Texas. The lines in the south of the state where the population is predominantly Hispanic were 4 to 6 hours long I heard, in Corpus Christi. There were 2 and 3 hour waits around Dallas.

They said it’s not just record breaking, it’s unprecedented.


Univision alone has been working a massive voter registration effort.

IF Hispanic voting does turn out to be sufficiently massive that it contributes to victories in states and races that once were considered unwinnable for the Dems, people will look back on Trump’s contemptuous treatment of Jorge Ramos, the extremely popular journalist and news anchor for Univision, as a significant turning point in the election.

And what that would do is further derange the GOP base. Those ignorant white goobers aren’t going to take stock of the situation after the election and in a quiet moment of reflection conclude, “Well gee, it really didn’t make sense to demonize people whose greatest sin was a desire to join the American experiment.” Nope, these fine folks will simply double down on their witless paranoia, racism, and bigotry. I expect increased sentiment for secession on the part of certain southern states and areas out west so they can protect their wounded sense of racial purity and Evangelical Christianist entitlement.

And what that will do is put the ever-shrinking part of the GOP “elite” that isn’t completely insane in one helluva bind. If I were Mr. Priebus, I’d already have my resignation letter drafted, signed, and put in a stamped envelope. It’s only gonna get worse for the RNC chairperson.


All I know is that the common wisdom is that if we turn the voters out we win because there are just more of us. And this time there are apparently a whole lot more of us.

I hope like hell this is what it looks like.


This isn’t about Hillary. Those Latino voters just want to have taco trucks on every corner.


Who doesn’t?


According to a report put out by the campaign Monday, more than 133,000 Florida Latinos have already voted.

Of course this would be truly impressive in not for the fact 111,000 of those Latinos were dead. Sad!!
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Now if only Floridians would get rid of Marco Rubio…


Vaya van mis amigos ! —

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I’m kind of partial to those big coils of sausage they cook up on a griddle, chop off a few inches, slather in onions and green pepper and put in a bun. Can we have a few of those trucks mixed in?

*Tacos were more interesting when the Chihuahua was telling me how good they taste.

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Paging Jan Brewer. Paging Jan Brewer.
Your foot is ready to eat.


We know these number are a lie, because the poll taken at Curt Schilling’s Trump rally had Trump winning 11-0. Actual votes are meaningless! Sad!