Discussion: Clinton Calls Attack On NC GOP ‘Horrific,’ Trump Blames It On Dem ‘Animals’

This is what happens when you let transgendered people use the wrong bathroom.


Nobody knows whodunit at this point. It is often useful to identify the enemy before going on attack.

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Oh, FFS! Please make him go away. I can’t take anymore of his bullshit and lies. :weary:


This is a picture of me not believing it. Anyone who cares enough about this election would know how bad this makes the Dem side look. At least that’s what I’m seriously hoping

Re pubs claim false flag operations on everything, so (again, I hope) this is one of their true believers who thought he’d pull some deep cover false flag of his own. Kind of like Ashley Todd.

Please let it be that.

EDIT: Should have read Josh’s original post.

And "redneck Reichstag? Pure genius.

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So what’s the odds on a redneck Reichstag?


My logical side says “Wait until the facts come in before jumping to any conclusions”.

My emotional side says “This was obviously a false flag operation. And F*** Trump for being such an ignorant baboon all the time. My 8 year old has better emotional control than this idiot.”

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The first thing that crossed my mind . People are saying, I don’t know if it’s true, but people are saying
I have trouble imagining a Dem supporter so unhinged…
Although I have entertained thoughts of waking up and reading Trumps obituary…with his demise from an anurism from too much stress


The manner in which both people responded is quite telling.

Hillary expressed sympathy, Trump went on the attack. Neither know who, exactly, committed the crime yet Trump attributed it to Hillary and Democrats. Much like him taking full page ad out to convict Central Park Nine…

I like Hillary’s response. I hope a Democrat was not involved - it would make no sense because according to polls Hillary is winning and Trump is already up in flames. Nevertheless, it’s still a stupid thing to do, for whatever reason.


" Democrats Raised More Than $13,000 To Reopen A Firebombed Republican Office

“This is not how Americans resolve their differences.”


North Carolina Democrats have raised over $13,000 on GoFundMe to help the Republicans rebuild the office


But that would reflect some attachment to truth on Donald’s part. And he doesn’t have any.


It’s much worse than stupid.

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Good for them
Well I’m sure the MSM will be all over that story…
In my dreams

Donny , you silly little Petulant Schoolboy .

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I was thinking something like a false flag operation as well, however the words are spelled correctly and no errors in the sentence structure, so I figured it wasn’t one of the nutcases from the alt-right bunch.


HRC is winning, bigly. There is no need / logic for this kind of act from an HRC supporter.

Consider this Donnie’s perverse form of self-imposed Kristallnacht.


Was Alex Jones in the neighborhood?

You’re not new here. You should know better.


This is Orange County, so I’m guessing the area around UNC-CH has just enough idiotic wanna-be anarchists that one or two of them could have done this, sad to say. So that would be my guess—for them it would seem like a step up from smashing the windows of the nearest Starbucks, but of course for the rest of us it looks like a big step down.

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